Monday, February 2, 2009

Steve Martin is weird

Okay, I need help on this one. I can't tell if Steve Martin was being serious or not signing this song. Like, clearly he thinks he's funny but is he being serious funny or like, "look at me I'm an old guy playing a banjo" funny? I can't decide.


Kevin Doyle said...

Steve Martin is god. Sorry, but he just is.

This musical number is somewhere in between. It's good musically (if you like that kind of music, which I really don't but I appreciate the skill) and it's charmingly funny to boot.

Go to YouTube and put in 'Flydini' for a great laugh and a just a slight appreciation of his genius.

There was a recent vote (and PBS special) on the greatest comedians. Only a handful were listed and he's one of 'em. I lament that you younger people never got to know him during his relevant days in the 70s and 80s.

But, then (sorry) your generation thinks 'Friends' is good - the single most unfunny, poorly performed, poorly written, piece of dreck ever to soil the television screen.

Must be a generational thing.

annette said...

Allow me to shed some light on Steve Martin, one of my favorite topics of conversation:

He has been playing the banjo for decades and recently reconnected with it. He will be releasing a bluegrass album any day now.

As for the funny/serious debate, it's a little of both. That particular song has whimsical lyrics but isn't intended to be a laugh-so-hard-you-pee-your-pants experience. It's simply a clever little song he wrote that he wanted to share on SNL to promote his album.

Anonymous said...

Steve Martin is lame.
Cedric the that is funny.