Monday, February 9, 2009

Tuesday Weekend Recap

Ah, Tuesday. 9-10 am. The hour when all of the bankers are in the weekly meeting. The halls are quiet, the offices still. No one bugging me for things or asking me questions. All is calm in the world, all is well. Then 10:01 happens and--chaos. So while I have a few minutes, allow me to do a quick....WEEKEND RECAP! On Tuesday! So I'm a little late, Monday was busy. Sue me.
Friday night my friend Craig had a "Suspenders and Mustaches" party.

There was no reason for having the meeting, no reason for having it be suspenders and mustaches (what's plural for 'mustache?' Mustachi?). As I only had 24 hours notice, I had to draw on my mustache.

From far away it was quite convincing, so Mission Accomplished is what I say.

Ben ended up looking a little "Bob the Builder," while Steve had ulterior motives promoting his company's new movie. Afterwards we went to Boiler Room where my outfit was quite the hit among the randoms.

I peaced out on the relatively early side since I'd been drinking since 5 pm, devoured almost an entire bag of Baked Lays, and headed to Anthony's house for the night.

Saturday I surprised myself by waking up on the relatively early side and going to the gym. I caught up on some DVR and then met up with Page Six to go see "He's Just Not That Into You" which never happened due to the fact that movie theaters suck and it was sold out every where we went. So instead we hung out, at Thai food, and watched "Muppets Take Manhattan." It was all for the best. I wasn't feeling going out so I went home and watched the telly until it was time for bed.

Sunday I woke up and clean clean cleaned in preparation for DC Doug's arrival. I met up with my friend Billy to discuss future apartment potential and then met up with the boys at a straight bar, where they were playing flip cup.

Oh. My. Gay. It was totally random, totally ridiculous, and totally a fantastic time. We started making rules where if you lost you had to spin a bottle and kiss whomever it landed on. I lost quite a few times (not on purpose mind you--I've never been more embarrassed in my life) and had the pleasure of experiencing my fair share of good kissers....and some not so enjoyable experiences.

With all the hooping and hollering going on, you would have thought we were frat boys! On my way to the bar to play flip cup, I came across this wonder of a man:

I promise you--the picture does not do him justice. He was dressed totally preppy casual, had a bag with Salvatore Ferregamo shoes in it, and was reading the Sunday times. A-mah-zing. It's the little things that make you happy....
I'd like to take a quick moment and give a shout out to Chris Brown, who was arrested Sunday after beating up his girlfriend and princess of the world, Rhianna.

Congratulations, Chris, for perpetuating the angry black man stereotype! Instead of "No Air," your song should be called "No Bail!" Nobody messes with my RiRi and gets away with it!!

I'd also like to give a shout out to Spencer's sister Mandy, who popped out a baby this morning!!!!! He's an uncle again and therefore...I'M kind of an uncle again!! I'll update when I get names and pictures.

Last night Page Six and I attended a screening of "Confessions of a Shopaholic."

It was aDORable!! Funny, charming, pretty, sweet--I very much enjoyed this movie. The bad thing about it was the soundtrack. The songs they picked didn't fit the mood of the scenes and that drove me crazy. Oh, that and the fact that the story was about an American writer falling for a British writer. Did he have to be British? Come on man, hittin' a little close to home!

I enjoyed my date with Page Six and am excited for tonight as well when we'll be seeing.....

Tony Award and Grammy winner IN THE HEIGHTS!!!! I'm muy, muy excitito.

One last thing before I go, last night I was watching America's Funniest Home Videos and my favorite videos are the ones when people get scared. Well those and when old people fall down. However, last night I saw a video that A) made me laugh very hard and B) would scare the HELL out of me if it happened to me.

Homegirl opened the door and saw two clowns standing there. Ugh. Terrifying.

These phones done be blowin' up today so I'm out! Enjoy your Tuesday if you can!


Jwise said...

you're an asshole.

scary clowns, really dude?

Miss Utsch said...

Hey Brian, you don't know me at all. I stumbled across your blog the other day, found some amusement and bookmarked it. Just thought you'd like to know, your musings on life are making a Pennsylvania high school English teacher chuckle :)