Monday, March 23, 2009

Kaka Kido Photo Bonanza!!!

Welcome to BriTunes, the classiest joint around. You can tell it's classy because I'm wearing a blazer, I have glasses, and a Cosmo. If that's not class, I don't know what is. I've got a Monday morning surprise for ya'll....guess what it's time for, kiddies?? It's time for a PHOTO BONANZA!!!

Matt Brand done had a birthday, ya'll!

Okay, this happened back at the end of February, but Kaka is finally getting her pictures up so blame it on her ass.

Speaking of asses.....

Check out mine! We went to this really fun bar in Brooklyn and played some tunes, drank some dranks, and basically just had a good time. I hold this Jukebox near and dear to my heart as everytime I play some music from it, I end up clearing out the bar. Hey, can I help it if Brooklyn-ites have bad taste in music? I'm sorry that Britney Spears and Billy Joel aren't "hipster" enough for you!

It was a bit of a rough night for me as I was set to move the next day and still had no place for the kitties but I managed to give a little "oh no you didn't" before I peaced out home.

Yeah, I have absolutely no idea what I was doing.

Round 2 of the Brooklyn Besties BDay Bonanza was St. Patty's at The Watering Hole to celebrate Kaka Kido.

Mo outdid herself this year by baking some yummy yummy cupcakes spotlighting our own Asian Leprachaun

While Toni Tony Tone updated everyone's "Happy St. Patty's Day 2008" shirt by adding an '09.

I believe I made the comment more than once how scary it's going to be in 2013 when my fat belly is hanging out from underneath my tattered shirt with "'10, '11, '12" drunkenly scrawled on the back. Not looking forward to that--frightening!

This year though, we looked pretty damn good. Throughout the night when Kido was receiving her gifts, she kept saying "I'm so spoiled! Ya'll are too good to me! I'm so spoiled!" I responded with "Yes, that's precisely why I didn't get you anything. I'm trying to keep you grounded." Rest easy, my Japanese wonder, your present should arrive soon. It ain't no Louis Vuitton change purse though!!

This is TOTALLY a candid shot. We didn't pose for this at all. Absolutely caught unawares. Right? Right.

Towards the end of the evening Toni Tony Tone was gooood to go. I mean, homegirl was feeling NO pain. She was feeling so good, in fact, that she decided to have some fun with me.

And by have some fun, I mean rape me.

No means no!

No is not spelled "Y-E-S" Toni!! Back off!

The good news is that it was the most action I've gotten in weeks. The bad news is that I think I'm pregnant. I could not believe I was violated so.

I decided to not press charges and by the end of the evening we were friends again.

Saturday night was Kaka's Part 2 at the very mysterious, very poor music playing White Rabbit. While the DJ and I definitely had our differences, the bar provided the setting for what will go down in history as like, the best picture of Kaka and I EVER.

Mo and myself? Not s'much.

I look yellow. I need to go tanning so badly. Hey, Miyon, can you tell me which way the nearest tanning salon is?

Awesome, thanks.

Wait, it's which way now? You're confusing me!!!

Because I was such a Debbie Downer at his birthday celebration I wanted to try and make it up to Matt by giving him a little BDay lovin'.

As usual, he wasn't having it. Ugh. Just admit your love for me Matt, come on now. Even Marie Antoinette in the background is shocked you won't give in to my temptations!
I wanted to make sure that Kido got some birthday lovin' too.

And yeah, it was good for her too. Upon seeing this, Matt got jealous and finally, FINALLY gave in.

Ah...nothing like good old fashioned thrusting in a crowded bar to really class the place up. You're welcome, White Rabbit.
And finally, a nice group shot. We're one good lookin' group, I'd say. I'm having a little Flip Cup/Wii party this weekend and I'll be looking forward to seeing all of your bitch asses there!

Happy Birthday, Kido my love. I hope you had a good one (you better have, I feel like we've been celebrating it for weeks!) :) I am, of course, kidding. I never could have imagined we'd become as close as we are and I'm so thankful that you're in my life and that you're an AMAZING friend. The Slam Book was just the beginning baby!



Anonymous said...

I just laughed out loud and my coworkers looked at me like, "what the eff is wrong with you?!"

I heart you Brian :)

-Kaka Kido

Kelly said...

Awe... the 'don't rape me face' :) I miss that.