Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday, Monday

Due to the fact that I have been swamped at work, BriTunes has taken a bit of a back seat and for that I apologize. Sometimes the job I get paid for simply has to take precedence. I know ya'll understand. Not a whole lot to report on this dark and dreary Monday morning. British Ben has been in town and it has been so great to see him. I got to see former roomie Dr. Mike on Thursday and it was really great to catch up with him. My friend Preston has been in town from Utah and while he totally failed to bring his shears and cut my hair, it has been fantastic to see him. Friday Spencer had the boys over to his place to play a little Guitar Hero and drink a little drink. Saturday I recovered pretty much all day, did my taxes, then went to a Football party and a Birthday Party. 5 am later.... (stupid Daylight Savings Time) my drunk ass stumbled home. Because of that late night, yesterday was a waste of a day but I got caught up on all my DVR and went out with British Ben last night.

We hit a restaurant called Max Brenner's in Union Square. Very touristy, a stich overpriced, the worst waiter of my life, and not very good. We had some fantastic Hot Chocolate though.

After dinner we headed to the movie theater (or "Cinema" as he would say) to see "He's Just Not That Into You."

I was so excited about seeing this movie a few weeks ago, and am shocked it took me this long to finally see it. I should have waited til it came out on DVD though cause it was notthatgood. It was seriously just a horrible movie. The lead character was completely unsympathetic and ANNOYING, Scarlett Johanssen can't act her way out of a paper bag, and I'm sorry but romantic comedies should NOT be 2 hrs and 15 minutes long! Plus, we had some really awesome chicas sitting next to us who were talking to each other at FULL VOLUME the entire movie. I finally had enough so I said something:

Brian: Could you guys please shut up?
Ghetto Girl: Why don't YOU shut the fuck up?
Brian: Uh.....I'm not talking.
Ghetto Girl: You're talking right now!

I LOVED her comeback. Oh snap!! She made a very compelling argument though, I was talking right then. If I knew how to sign language "shut the hell up" I would have. Anyway, great to see Ben, even if our surroundings were less than ideal.

The Gay Truth Booth on Friday apparently did very well as far as internet traffic was concerned. There as a comment that took me aback though:

I felt bad for a bit, then looked and saw how "your" was spelled. Don't feel so stoopid no more.
Dodgeball tonight and it is going to be a STRUGGLE to get through that cause my bitch ass be TIRED, yo! T-Minus four days until......


Kelly said...

It's Daylight Saving Time. There's no S. And you should have just made up some sign language. Then slapped the bitch up. Although funny... not the best date behavior.

Kelly said...

Also, I'm lazy... where's the link for Friday's Truth Booth?

Misty Walker said...

OH honey you're not stupid! I don't even know you and I WUV you!