Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Tidbits

Hey, did you hear? It snowed in New York today. That's all everyone can talk about and it's SO BAD apparently, half of my department can't make it in to work. Currently I'm 2.5 hours into my work day, and it's not snowing outside. So I don't know what everyone's freak out is. I'm just happy that the snow happened after THE GREAT MOVE OF '09...part 1.

After a 14 hour day yesterday, half of my stuff is in storage and half is at Anthony's. And the kitties...well...there's a story with this one. So as of Friday they were going to live with my friend in Utah. The flights were booked, vets were visited, emotions were prepared--then Friday night happened and she backed out last minute. I still was planning on sending them out and having them stay with her for a few days until I could find someone or a shelter, but she didn't return my calls all weekend. What a pal, right? So Sunday morning I was up early, trying to figure out last minute placements for the kitties, and Justine called me. She said that her mom could take them for a few days until I found a place or a nice shelter. Lifesaver!! Booked it to the airport, said my tearful goodbye, and was on my way back to HK to meet the movers. I'm moving day, there's not a lot of TIME to be sad, as much as you want to be.

I was doing fine until I got back home and started to take apart their little jungle gym. Oh mah gawd, ya'll...

...I was GONE!!! Throwing away their dishes, toys, just absolutely sobbing like a child. I know this was my decision and I did what I had to do, but it doesn't make it any easier. Apparently the kitties got into Salt Lake okay though, which makes me rest a little easier. Heidi did me a solid and picked them up from the airport. Here is a picture of her wheeling them through the Salt Lake Airport.
I dunno, there's something about Heidi and wheelchairs that always equals a good time. The kids are still up for grabs though, so if there's anyone in Utah that can provide a good home for them, don't hesitate. After my 14 hour moving day, I got some celebratory Chipotle, and headed down to Anthony's where I CRASHED. Not before watching my boyfriend on The Amazing Race though.

Lovin' me some deaf Luke, that's for sure. I have to say though, I was getting ready to go absolutely insane every time I saw this guy:

Did he really feel the need to play that damn flute EVERY TIME a team came in to the Pit Stop? Ugh. I don't know how Phil stood it.
Going to grab some lunch and then gym. Dodgeball tonight. British Ben comes Wednesday! Here's to hoping March is a bit better than February. Sheesh! Be careful out there with ALL THAT SNOW too....

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Best Brittney pic ever.