Monday, March 2, 2009

The Most Do-Able Bachelor

Tonight is the Season Finale of The Bachelor featuring one of the hottest Bachelors ever, Jason Mesnick. It's supposed to be a "shocking' season finale and while I feel like we've had a better group of girls in the past, they don't get much better than Jason. I decided to take a look over the past thirteen seasons worth of Bachelors and see.......

Now because I haven't actually watched all thirteen seasons, I'm merely deciding my list based on their hotness factor and their do-ability.

#10. Bob Guiney - Season 4

If you like your men with a little meat on their bones, Bob is the guy for you. Between being a contestant on The Bachelorette and his season of The Bachelor, homeboy lost a bunch of weight which resulted in him looking a little piggy. But he's a good bottom of the barrell choice.

#9. Brad Womack - Season 11
A little Matthew McConaughy, a little white trash hick, a little Frat Boy douche in his dad's suit, Brad is "famous" for picking neither of the lovely ladies standing before him. Because of this, he unleashed Deanna Papadockolis out into the world to wreak her lady havoc. He's still kinda purdy though.

#8. Andy Baldwin - Season 10

I know nothing about Andy's Bachelor life. I don't know any of the ladies that were in his season or if he's still with any of them. Apparently he's some Navy vet, he's got twelve pack abs, and he used to date Marla Maples. He's a little "Ken doll" for my taste, but he does the trick.

#7. Charlie O'Connell - Season 7

While a little "chinny," Charlie still has classic good looks...although I question his choice of sweatshirt/tshirt with blazer that he's rocking in this picture. And by 'rocking' I mean 'sucking.' As it is though, I think his brother is hotter and will always be hotter.

#6. Prince Lorenzo Borghese

Having the lowest rated season of The Bachelor ever, I don't know much about Lorenzo. All I do know, is that accent + drink + long flowing locks = a do-able Bachelor!!

#5. Aaron Buerge - Season 2

Another "doll" type, Aaron is more of a G.I. Joe than anything. I'd be curious to know if there's "more than meets" the eye. He he he....

#4. Andrew Firestone - Season 3

While yes, he does have that wonky eye that creeps me out, I did like Andrew on his season and think he's quite do-able. Plus he knows tons about wine and could get me some free shit! What's not to like?!

#3. Jesse Palmer - Season 5

Oh yes.....ooooooh yes. Jesse, you do plenty of good things. Whatever you are cooking you are serving up and I am ready for a Prix Fix meal...hottie mc hott. Two T's. You just sit there in that chair and look pretty. Do-able, do-able indeed!!!

#2. Jason Mesnick - Season 13

I know, I know, having Jason as number 2 surprised me as well. But once you see my number 1 you'll understand. Plus, all this talk about who Jason is going to pick has me worried about what type of person he really is. I mean, he did like DEANNA after all, devil woman of the west. Jason's a hottie, totally do-able, he is a sweet guy and super nice but....

....he's not Matt Grant.

#1. Matt Grant - Season 12

Oh Matt Grant....or Matt "Grahnt" as he would say. I very much disagreed with his choices on his show (SHAYNE? F'real?!) but he never disappoints. After his show was done filming he ever sported a beard and a shaved head and rocked the shit out of it.If only Shayne weren't in the picture.....So congrats Matt!! The most Do-able Bachelor! I already have one British lovah, but I'll definitely make room for you!
Tune in tonight 8/7 central to see who Jason picks! Then stayed tuned for the most dramatic After the Rose Ceremony in BACHELOR HISTORY!!!!!!


SB said...

I just finished watching the bachelor finale. I know I said I wasn't going to but in the end I couldn't help myself. I can't wait to hear what you have to say about it!!

doug said...

Ew ew and ew. I'd hate to see the three who didn't make your list!

Becky Rhead said...

Seriously Bri! I can't believe Travis wasn't even in the top 10. He's my #1. And still single I hear.

Misty Walker said...

I would just like to say that Jason shouldn't even be on this list...he needs to be X'd! Douche!!!

Heidi said...

Andrew Firestone is totally my #1.
Wait. I take that back he is the only one I'd do.
Side note, My cosuin Brett and him are pals. True story.

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