Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A No Good, Very Bad, Kinda Day

Waitaminute--it's Wednesday you say? Because with the day I'm having you'd honestly think it was a Tuesday (and you know how I feel about Tuesday). Tis a dreary, gross day in the N Y C , I'm up to my ears in canceled meetings, and the bad news keeps comin'. Last night I got a late call from a dear, dear friend who's boyfriend had just broken up with her. Honey, I'm so sorry to hear about everything but look, things could be much worse. You could have dated this guy

and ended up with more than a broken heart (ie: nose).

You could have dated this guy

and be out of a whole lotta dough.

You could have dated this guy

and be knocked again by his Super-Sperm.

Or you could have dated this guy

again, knocked up, then left at 8 months pregnant for Claire Danes...who's totally not as pretty as you.

You could have dated this guy

who is pretty much self-explanitory and probably would have left you with a multitude of STD's.

Or you could have dated this guy

who is the devil. On the upside of things, however, your spot in hell would have been reserved!!!

At any rate, I know your heart is

right now, but just hang in there. And know that as each day goes by, things'll get better. And know I love you and you deserve NOTHING but perfection. Plus he was Canadian. You can't trust those Diet-Americans.

In other sad news, I found out today that a person very important to me and my past, was diagnosed with Cancer. The Big C.
I thought he would appreciate the C being glittery and shiny. It's odd having this happen to an ex-boyfriend and really scary to know that this can happen to someone so young. I'm kind of in shock over the whole situation but know that if there's one person who can get through this, it's him. His whole live he's lived in pursuit of laughter and fun, and I know there's no way this'll bring him down. My throughts are with you!

Let's move on to something lighter, shall we? Like THIS beautiful creation from Spencer himself.
Please to compare

Brills Spencer! While I'm less than thrilled to learn I'm Ginnifer Goodwin's character (SO obnoxious), I'm fine with it. Because in the end she get's Justin Long and ends up happy, so there.

Remember how excited I was for the Lesbo fight? Apparently it was documented, in night vision, on Gossip

Hottie McHottie looks really excited to talk to me but he's the :::gasp::: one who said he didn't want to kiss the biter! I can't beleive I'm even talking to him. But he's kiiiiiiinda dreamy.

This day...I swear to Gay.....technically only an hour left but I know I'll be here late and then working on my new Tyra video until late. The only thing getting me through the day is the fact that it's Makeover day on Top Model tonight. Well that and...

Britney in two days!!!


Jwise said...

1. thanks for spoiling the ending of a movie I will never see

2. Billy crudup has his good points:

doug said...

From Wikipedia, on Hodgkin's:

The disease occurrence shows two peaks: the first in young adulthood (age 15–35) and the second in those over 55 years old. The survival rate is generally 90% or higher when the disease is detected during early stages, making it one of the more curable forms of cancer.[2] Later-stage cancers, though, continue to show a significantly worse prognosis.[3] The full remission (cure) rate for stages I and II is about 90-95%, while in stages III and IV, the cure rate is about 80-90%. Thus, most patients treated for Hodgkin's lymphoma can go on to live normal, long lives.

Tanner said...

Haha, thanks Doug for that.

And thanks Brian for the sparkley C and the warm thoughts. I'm positive everything will turn out fine, and I definitely appreciate your love and support. Please continue your blog and your silly Tyra videos as they provide me with hours of entertainment! :)

Anonymous said...

You look hot in night-vision, I think you should try that look more often ;)