Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh Baby Baby....

All Eyes on Me...

In the Center of the Ring...

Just Like a CIRCUS!!!!

Yes my lovelies, the day has arrived!!!! Tonight Page Six, his friend Catilin, and I will be attending the Miss Britney Spears concert in Newark New Jersey. I don't have the exact location of the seats but I'm pretty sure they are in the ring, on the floor, right near Britney's cheap ass extensions!!! It has been a very stressful two weeks with moving, work, and the kitties (still waiting for details on getting them accepted into a foster care program) and this concert will definitely be a nice relief from the mundane-ness of my life recently.
Last night, while watching Survivor, I was given the greatest present. Spencer, my Survivor boyfriend, revealed that he's a big 'mo!!!
I kinda thought so, but wasn't fer sure. Spencer, call me, K? K thx byeeee..

One of my desk mates' kids is in the office today and we were flipping through her Science book earlier when we saw this picture.

YYEEEARGH! Yes, that is a smoker's lung. I will never forget seeing this picture in third grade and that picture alone saved me from ever picking up a cigarette. Now a drink, however....Anyway. I found another picture that was a bit eye opening.

I don't know what the face Carrot Top Jr's making is, but the difference btwn a smoker's lung and a healthy lung is so alarming. EVT made a good point years ago when he said "Once you start smokin, you start chokin, smoking ain't cool and I'm not jokin." Well said my friend, well said.
Clearly not much going on in my world today. Too busy thinking about Britney! Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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Beachquack said...

Oh goodness! I totally remember EVT saying chanting that on the smoking porch!