Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Open Letter

Spencer likes a boy. And he mentioned that the Kelly Clarkson song "Longshot" off her new album really spoke to him and reminded him of his current situation. I've decided to take the titles of the songs on her current album and write him a letter.

Dear Spencer,

I know that you think making this relationship work is a "LongShot," but I have to say it's damn near "Impossible!" "Oh "whyyawannabringmedown" Brian," you may say, "He's 'All I Ever Wanted!'" but I'm only trying to "Save You." "Don't let me stop you" from pursuing him, and I know you won't because I can tell you're pretty much "Already Gone." As it is though, "My Life Would Suck Without You," and I'll totally be here for you when you "Cry." It seems to me you really think you're "Ready", even going so far as to say "I Don't Hook Up!" "I Want You" to know that I wish you nothing but the best with him and "If No One Will Listen" to your endless stories about how much you love him, I totally will. I mean "If I Can't Have You," someone equally as cute should! Best of luck to ya.

Xoxo, Brian


Jwise said...

Guess what's on "the tip of my tongue?"

Spenc said...

LMAO! Utter brilliance. Thanks for that B -- you're a true inspiration :)

And look at J keeping with the theme!

LOL Love you guys!

doug said...

The only thing I know about Kelly Clarkson is that she's a fitting swear word for when you're getting your chest waxed, but I'm still impressed and amused with this post. Well done!

Tanner said...

Doug gets his chest waxed?

*bear said...

The Gospel according to the Clive Davis! AMEN!

doug said...

(It was a 40 Year Old Virgin reference, Tanner. :))

Tanner said...

Hehehe, too bad