Friday, March 20, 2009


Is it just me or has this been like, the longest week in forevah. Foreva-evah!!! Foreva-evah?!?! Saw my dear friends Whitney and Ali last night and it had been the longest time (woah, oh oh oh) since I had seen them so that was really nice. Headed over to Gym Bar for a Dodgeball sponsored event only to discover that no one in dodgeball knew about it! As it was though, had a great time with Hubby, Steve, James, Vinny, etc. On the way home though, around 12:30 am, I thought it was a good idea to have one of these

WTF?! Hello.....DIET? Ever heard of it? I got home and stuffed that shit in my mouth while watching a repeat of Friends and having a Facebook conversation with someone. Allow me to recreate.

Him: Blah blah blah, the bar was so fun, it was good to see you, blah blah blah
Me: Yeah! Totally!
My mind: He was at the bar?! We talked? WHAT?

Disaster. Speaking of disasters...last night I was talking to the cutest guy, let's call him Stan. He was totally giving me a little flirt and we were hitting it off. The minute I told my other friend, let's call him Shady, that I thought Stan was cute, he started flirting with him!! Like, totally macking on him RIGHT after I mentioned my interest. Cut to the end of the night and the two of them are making out on the smoking porch. Ugh. Whatever. I have Hubby and a hoagie and three...I mean two...cats to keep me company and that's all I need. *sob*
I'm listening to a lot of Billy Joel at work today.

It does a body good. "Just the Way You Are" is my parents' wedding song and as I'm listening I hope that one day I can find a song as perfect as that one for me and Jake Gyllenhaal. I want to go to a piano bar that plays only Billy Joel songs. Or I guess I could just go to a Billy Joel concert but a piano bar probably would be cheaper.

Ali told me the funniest story last night and I would like to share it with you. Now.

So I'm telling her about Sebastian's unfortunate passing and she tells me about this friend of her who was housesitting and the dog died. Now, it was a big dog and she didn't know what to do with it so she put it in a big garbage bag and started to take it to the vet. For whatever reason, homegirl took the Subway (yeah, I know). Some guy sat next to her and started a conversation, asking what was in the bag. Obviously you don't want to say "a dead dog" so she said "stereo equipment." The guy was really nice and charming as as they exited the Subway at the same stop he offered to carry the bag up the stairs for her. Apparently the dog was heavy and a chore so she said "sure." HOMEBOY TOOK THE BAG AND RAN!!!! He booked it up the stairs before she could blink! Can you even imagine his face when he opened the bag and saw it was a dead dog? Ugh, I die. My favorite is the call she had to make: "Okay, two things. 1. Your dog is dead. And 2. I lost it." BRILL

Ooh, "Allentown!" I love this song. Reminds me of when my dad and I drove to New York and passed through Allentown, PA. We sang the song for probably the next two hours--"SH HOO HA."

Not much happening this weekend except for Kido's Birthday extraveganza part 2 tomorrow night. I'm just looking forward to having a few days off work!!


*bear said...

OMG! You made me crack up so bad. I look like a loon. lesson taken from story = do not let anyone help you with anything.

Steve said...

You know who would make you feel better about Stan? Matt Giraud...

Sarah said...

JERKS OF ALL OF AMERICA! Why would you be all flirty and nice and then run away with someone's stuff. Well SCREW YOU, DUDE! You got yours!

Also, yes, this week has been like the longest week OF my life. And it will never end (I swear to you).

And thirdly, LOVES me some Billy Joel. He's totally one of my secret and guilty pleasures. "And when she's walkin', she's lookin' so FI-yi-yine! And when she's talkin' she'll say that she's My-yi-yine."