Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Tidbits

One day closer to the weekend, and not close enough!! Where is that bitch already? I'm so over this week--O.V.E.R. But we've got things to discuss, and I failed to blog yesterday (Wednesday is the new Tuesday, which is the new Monday) so there's a lot to talk about. Let's get the depressing shit out of the way:

**R.I.P. N. Rich

Poor Natasha Richardson. Poor Liam Neeson! (Am I the only one picturing the scene of him at the funeral from "Love Actually" with the song "Bye Bye Baby" playing in the background? Heartbreaking).

This just goes to show you that if you don't know how to ski you should always wear a helmet. Same goes with bikeriding. There not just for 'tards, people. What a gorgeous and talented actress. I'll always remember her winning the Tony Award for "Cabaret" way back in 1998. Hard to believe she was only 45!! She will be missed.

**Alexis' Fall From Grace

You know who else will be missed? Alexis Grace!! Homegirl is GONE from Idol and even though her performance on Tuesday was kaka-tastic (why try and sing Jolene when Brooke White did it much better the year prior?) I thought for sure she'd be around for many weeks to come. Of course, this means that my prediction that Blind Scotty would be going home was way off base. Crap. I wished I was blind while watching Idol on Tuesday so that I didn't have to look at Randy Travis' FUG FACE.

Seriously--Hellooooo Frankenstein!! And helllooooo Gums McGee!

Not to mention the fact that I think his wife is some kind of evil sorceress. Didn't I see her character in the "Mortal Kombat" movies?

**Luck O' the Japanese

Tuesday was St. Patty's Day, or as I've known it the past few years, Kaka Kido's Birthday.

Who was turning three, apparently. Of course I had to put on Kaka tribute shirt and haul my ass over to "The Watering Hole," (yes, that was its name) for a beer. Or six.

I looked much better than this picture indicates. And what the hell is up with my right tit? It's like, up to my neck. While I definitely had my share of beers, Bridget did a repeat of St. Patty's
'08 and was drunk as a skunk by the end of the night. I have to put her on blast though because this happened:

Meet Nick, B's boyfriend. And the back of B's head. Homegirl was GETTIN HERS at the bar! Unfortunately, all we got were these weird Simpsons buttons...

...which are kind of racist. I mean "I RISH? I Wish?" Hello, it's just like "Deck the harrs with barrs of forry, fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra." Please notice Bridget in the background going in for the kill. Fun times had for all. Especially Bridget.

**Oh Baby Baby

This is a picture of the Britney gang from last Friday's concert. I am posting it for two reasons:

1. Page Six and I look like, the best we've ever looked.
2. When I first saw this picture I thought to myself: "when did Mandy (Spencer's sister) meet all of us at a bar?! Caitilin is like, a DEAD RINGER for Mandy in this photo. Craziness. Yay for Brit Brit. Yay for good hair days. And YAY for.....

**Carrie B.

Yes, ladies and Gents, Carrie Bradshaw has a HOME!!!! After squatting and Justine's mom's place for a few weeks, and after the untimely (or timely, that bitch was old) death of Heidi's mom's cat Moon (R.I.P. scariest cat I've ever met), Carrie will now be living at mom (of Crazy and her mom)'s house. How's that for the most parentheses ever in a sentence?! I can't express my gratitude enough to both Justine and Heidi for helping me out with this. Mr. Big is still chillin at 'tine's mom's house, but I beleive is heading to California soon to live with Justine's sister. Hopefully, a happy ending for all. I have to say, I don't regret my decision to part with my guys but I really miss them. A lot. They worked their way into my heart and dammit all to hell if they won't leave. Okay. Enough of that, no crying at work. On to something happier.


People falling on Top Model!!!! This shit went down last week and I had to rewind it a few times (thanks to fourfour for the .gif). I love that they kept it in, when they just as easily could have edited it out. Bloopers are always a good time. You know what else is a good time?

Allison. UGHHHHH Me likey! I'm so loving her on this season and when she was in the bottom two last night I said to myself "self, if Allison goes home tonight, I will never watch Top Model again." Thankfully she didn't, so I am allowed to continue on with this season.

I think it's about time I get some work done, and by work I mean gym and then lunch. Til later my lovahs.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh you crack me up :)


Jwise said...

"Alexis' Fall From Grace," hmmm....

Also, Bridget is going to kill you -- but I love it

bridgetloay said...

I KNOW YOU DI'INT!!! oh heeeeeeeell no!!!

annette said...

I love Allison! She's so creepy-pretty. LOVE her. Despite her unnatural attraction to bloody noses.