Friday, March 20, 2009

The Top 15 Things I Love About SPencer

Normally for birthdays I deem important, I'll throw up a picture with a birthday cake or something silly like that. But for Spencer, I couldn't do just that. Despite the past fights, frustrations, and "Fails," deep down we both know that we'll be there for each other until the end. Well, or at least until he says he'll take my cats and then backs out two days prior and then doesn't return my phone calls and then TEXTS me an apology. We might have to discuss that one. So in honor of Spencer's birthday (which was this past Monday), I decided to post a blog dedicated only to him, and to his many faces.
And now....The Top 15 Things I Love About Spencer

1. He's incredibly offensive. Clutch Your Pearls, bitch!!

2. He's very coordinated. Especially with the people he "dates."

3. He's a Newsie. SANTA FE!!!!

4. He thinks he's a model. Emphasis on thinks. Bitch pllleeeeeeeease.

5. He has a great thirst for travel and new experiences. And a taste for foreign food. And foreign men, for that matter.

6. He loves his family. A lot. A whole lot. They're kinda hard not to love, though.

7. He has a funny vocal inflection sometimes. "ABsolutely!" "AWL" (supposed to be all). "SOWNG" (song). Spencer Myers, the man of many accents.

8. He's sporty all of a sudden. It has gotten me more involved....and injured more.

9. He's awesome at Game Night

10. He's kiiiiiiiind of adorable. Or maybe that's just Jack. JUST JACK!

11. He done make me laugh ril hard and let's face it....he puts up with my shit. The majority of the time.

12. He's intense. Which is a good thing--usually.

13. He's not afraid to have fat girl nights with me every now and long as we go to the gym the next day to work it off!

14. He's comforting, compassionate, and loving. As long as you're on his good side. If you're not--watch out!

15. He's my best friend. And we've had our ups, we've had our downs, but he "gets" me and is there for me and for that I'll always be grateful. Plus no one else can quote Sex and the City quite like the two of us.
Happy Birthday Spencer!! Love ya!


Eduardo Osorio said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Can I be friend of both of you?

Beachquack said...

That almost made me tear up... Awwww.