Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

What do you get when....

...you cross ladies who like ladies...


...and some heated words?


Yes my faithful readers, last night I experienced a real live lesbian cat fight. After dodgeball (where I caught a ball AND got someone out!) we went to the afterparty at Stonewall to play some flip cup. I'm standing there with some people and all of a sudden I see two girls heading towards the floor. At first I thought they were just drunk and falling over but OH NO. Hair pulling, screaming, kicking--they had to be PULLED APART. It was the greatest moment of MY LIFE.

Another great moment of my life? May 19, when Tori Amos' new album shall be released!

Love me some Tori!

I managed to snag some pictures from Saturday's drunken extraveganza so that means you're blessed with a mini-photo bonanza!!!

This is at the beginning of the night, as evidenced by the glasses, properly coiffed hair, and nice smile.

Group shot in which we're all a liiiiitle bit drunker but for the most part well maintained.

Uh Oh...the glasses are off but we're still smiling and the hair is still in place. Husband Steve has an ADORABLE smile, and Brian Sanchez is borrowing my "crooked smile and eyebrow" move from 2003.

And heeeere's where we start to go downhill. I'm all red, Steve has moved on to 'sexy face,' and Currier is giving major gayface. Look at those cheekbones though, damn.

Whoops. Hello drunky. Sweating, glasses are in my hand for some reason, hair is dishevled and apparently I'm doing the Single Ladies dance. Lesson learned--stick with beer if you know it's going to be a long night!!

I have an announcement. The salad is back.

Yes, the tossed salad and my homegirl Belgica are back. If you remember correctly, I had a tossed salad EVERY DAY this summer. Then the company went bankrupt and they did away with anything good in the cafeteria. The good news is that the salad is back, but the bad news is that it was ril bad today! They didn't have a good selection of veges, the dressing was completely bland, and the broccoli was disgusting. Hopefully next time I run into it things will have improved. Or else.

One final observation for the day. I came to discover that James Franco and I have something in common--who knew?!

We both fall asleep in classes. I can't even tell you the countless times in high school Physiology or college (pick a class) I was sitting there drooling and occasionally snoring. Don't worry mom, I still studied hard and got good (read: acceptable) grades.

T-Minus 4 days until....

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Anonymous said...

you look super cute in your glasses, you should wear them more often!!