Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hump Day Photo Bonanza

Why are there so many songs about rainbows? And they said 'why, why, does he do me that way'? And WHY is it taking so long for the travel agent on the phone to change my bankers' flight?!?! Twelve minutes on the phone and we're still in the beginning stages!! That's enough to drive anyone crazy. I know, I know, I've been a bad little blogger lately. But there has been so much going on at work, I had to neglect. This is a good thing, I'm glad that we're busy, but it makes BriTunes a little lonely in the process. Two other things have been occupying my time lately as well.
Oh yes, ohhhhh yes. "Wolverine and the X-Men" is a new cartoon that has been airing in the US for about a month and a half and is amazing. What makes it even MORE amazing is that I found all 26 episodes online and watched those bitches. You see, Canada has been airing them since last November so they're all available! What what!!! This cartoon is the SHIT, ya'll. It's like a mix of the classic 90's cartoon with the comic books that we all used to watch. REC. CO. MEN. DED.

I also finally, finally, FINALLY finished the entired Buffy series. What was started in July of '08 is now finished and let me tell ya' done be GOOD.

While I won't go ahead and give you any spoilers, included my FAVORITE CHARACTER WHO DIED in the season finale (seriously, devastated) I will tell you that

I am very upset over this death

but I am happy that it happened in the last episode that we got many, many good times with her.

She was a good friend to us all. But I won't spoil it for you, I'll let you watch it on your own if you so wish. Sigh. Bunnies.

Had some good times lately and from good times come pictures and from pictures come...PHOTO BONANZA'S!!!!!

Last week after my house party I wasn't feeling so hot so Sunday afternoon I was planning on just staying home but eventually dragged my lazy ass up to Sanchez's "Bye Bye Penthouse" shindig.

Loving me some Hubby in the background. Watcha doin' back there Pocahontas?

The man with the lens, Mr. Blair himself. I love that he rocks the purple because that's one color that I can NOT do. What can I say, he's Canadian and I'm a pale freak.

I'm not really sure what was happening in this picture with Shane, Meg, Dan and I. I think we were shocked at the lesbian showing her boobs whilst on top of Kelly's shoulders. Ah, just another Sunday afternoon in New York--Beer Pong, PentHouses, and Lesbian boobs.

Last Friday I met up with some work friends for margaritas and then we proceeded to hit up some East Side karaoke.

See? Karaoke.

What was so great was the fact that I was able to see my dear friend Christina who used to work with me.

See? That's Christina.

'Tina used to sit by me and I miss her tons. She was also so much fun to sit by and I was always interested to see what she was going to wear. I mean this girl is very fashionable, I'd say she even rivals Kaka Kido for adorable outfits.

See? Adorable outfit.

Their friend David also met up with us and he and I had a lot of fun singing Billy Joel.

See? Us singing Billy Joel.

And yes, I pretended like I was the Piano Man.

Minus the Piano.

All in all a fantastic time had with my work ladies.

See? Fantastic time had.

After that karaoke goodness I met up with More-O, Dom, Ben, Craig, David, etc. at another karaoke party downtown.

While we had an awesome time, the crowd at that bar left something to be desired. There was a little Viatnamese man who sang like, EVERY SONG and would get mad when other people would try and cut in. Not like I know from experience or anything....

Monday was Dodgeball and I was a ROCK STAR. Okay, I wouldn't go that far, but I did catch a few balls and got a few people out. Our second game up I was the last man standing. There were two people left. I got one of them out. Then it was just me and another guy. We kept dodging each other's balls (hehe, balls) and I believe I was referred to as 'Gumby' at one point. Well I am quite flexible...there was one point where I fell while dodging and I turned it into this AWESOME roll and jump. Ugh. Amazing. Yeah...then I got out. Ah well. I can't always be a winner...or ever, really, but that's beside the point. Afterwards we all went to Gym Bar guessed it...more flip cup

While Kelly got it on with some girl in the corner.

I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing here. Seriously. None.

And as far as what Steve is going here...well...he's eating my face apparently. All that jumping and dodging balls really works up an appetite!!!

Big TV night tonight and then Friday morning I leave for Wisconsin for a weekend of beer, cheese, and lots of sleepin' in! Woot woot!


More-O said...

Did someone get cropped out of the Karaoke picture of More-o, DB, and Brian??

Brian said...

It looks that way, doens't it? No, no they did not. :)

Kelly said...

OMG, is that sweat shirt from Abercrombie?!?! Tee hee. Your hair looks great in those pics.

Anonymous said...

there's no "sleeping in" in a very small condo so be prepared.

*bear said...

Purple ain't so bad! Think blogger can take Ruby's little teets?