Thursday, April 16, 2009

I am the Champion, mah Friends....

Each week I participate in an American Idol prediction poll on Of course they ask who you think is going home, but they also have random questions to throw you off. In the past I haven't done so well, especially when I go out on a limb and think that Megan Joy is safe...whoops. However this week was a liiiiiittle different.

First of all, I picked my darling Matt to go home. Though it pained me, he was brutal on Tuesday night so I thought it might happen. Then we had the bonus questions.

Which I took a stab at

and BOO YEAH, I got all of them right. Then I look down to see the results:

Wha...wha....WHAT is that? Brian is 1st? FIRST?!!? Oh yes bitches, I got first out of all dem peeps. Of course, I'm 741st in the overall ratings but let's not focus on that. What's funny is that I'm only 1 point below More-O and he's something like 550! Goes to show you what one point can do.
Not a whole lot to talk about this morning but Page Six did send me over this:

A picture of Aaron Tveit from the opening of his new musical "Next to Normal." That's a great way to start ANYONE'S day!

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