Friday, April 17, 2009

I Don't Get It

By now you all have heard about this Scottish "singing sensation" that was on Britian's Got Talent or some shit like that. Basically America is going buckwild because Susan Boyle is a fatty who can sing. Personally? WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL? I mean, her "I Dreamed a Dream" was okay, and pretty unexpected coming from ManBrows up there, but I just don't understand why everyone is dyking out over this bitch. As Isis said in "Bring It On": "It was good, but it wasn't all that." Maybe I'm not hearing something that everyone else is? Is it like that high pitched sound that only dogs can hear? I dunno. At any rate, I'm sick of hearing about her! I'm one step away from "I hate your face" and that's a place you DON'T want to be, Susan Boyle. Ya hear me?!


doug said...

Allow me to copy and paste from a comment I made earlier on Barb's Facebook status on the same subject:

I AGREE SO MUCH!! I have been on a rampage about this all day. It's the most awful Internet phenomenon since David After Dentist.

"Oh look - the ugly woman has a redeeming quality. I feel simultaneously repulsed and charmed. How deeply moving."

It's because shows like that are SO formulaic that the audience all knows exactly what to expect: The goofy, dumpy, middle-aged woman is OBVIOUSLY a joke contestant, so we know she's going to be just awful and good for a laugh. And - wait, look, she's not that bad! Oh, "Britain's Got Talent," you just flipped your formula right on its head and I bought right into it. So now I'm off to post this clip on my Facebook with the heading, "Seriously, I just got the chills" or "Still totally choked up over this."... Read More


Kevin Doyle said...

If you just listen, without the visuals, her voice is only okay. She hits the notes but her control is bad.

You nailed it, Brian. And thanks for the Birthday wishes.