Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Need a Boyfriend by August 1st....

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this yet! As you may know, Brother Patrick and his lady friend Justine have been "engaged" for quite some time.
Well Huzzah of all Huzzah's, they done set a date! Yes, you heard correctly. Come August 1st they shall officially be man and wife and you know what this means. I NEED A DATE TO THE WEDDING! My worst fear is that I'll be the lonely, drunk, gay brother. Which...well...aren't I? I'd bring my husband

but I looked on his calendar and he's filming a movie at that time.

My boyfriend is always an option

but his people have yet to return my calls. Plus I think he'll be in Seattle then performing in "Catch Me If You Can." Bollocks.

I could bring a few girls from the cast of "America's Next Top Prostie..."

Like Fugly would be fun to hang out with. We always know that she's a good time. But she might get really drunk again and start breaking things so I should probably rethink that decision.

Ooh...Brows is always a good option...

But I don't want to subject anyone else to those dangerous brows.

I've still got the hots for this Glamor Shot lookin mother trucka...

...but I dunno. I just haven't felt the spark between us lately. I really don't to introduce him to my entire family if we're just going to be fighting the entire time. Plus he might burn down the restaurant.

Whatever, I'll probably just fly it solo. I can't think about a date just yet anyway. As Best Man I have to work on my speech...and my song...and my poem....and my interpretive dance....phew! I've got a lot on my plate before this wedding actually happens! At any rate, congratulations Pat and Justine. Good job for finally getting your act together and setting a date! :)

I'm totally wearing that fur shawl to your wedding btw.
Did anyone watch the new episode of The Real World/Road Rules Challenge last night? Did you see the fight between CT and Adam? Real World fight EVER? Yes, yes I think so! SO amazing. I done be ril happy this show is back--seriously one of the best shows on TV right now.

Anybody watch American Idol last night?

Bye, Bye Mr. Singing Blind Guy. Look, he's had it coming for weeks and you know it. He shouldn't have lasted this long as it is. As much as I'm going to miss him, I'm going to miss his hot brother and his even HOTTER sister.

Ugh. Love her. She's totally still in the running.
New Tyra article posted on Monday. Check it out here
It's about punishing ourselves when it comes to matters of love and you KNOW we all do it. The Tyra Show is going on hiatus starting next week so I think we'll only have one more Gay Truth Booth for the season. The blogs will continue until the end of May probably, I'm not sure. I love the comments on my Tyra blog because they usually have NOTHING to do with what my blog topic is. Like this one, for instance.

I may or may not have written En Vogue a fan letter when I was 12 years old. I hope Tyra can booked them her show soon, too Kym.
Off to Wisconsin tomorrow to visit the Grandparents and see Mom, Dad, and Melissa. I'm sure to come back a few pounds heavier filled with beer, bratwurst, and lots and lots of


Misty Walker said...

I'll be your date! :)

doug said...

We're both getting new in-laws in August!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love brain. Looking forward to seeing everyone for it.