Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jon and 8 Minus the Kate? YES PLEASE!!!

Oooooooooh snap. D-RAMZ in the house! The new issue of US Weekly is reporting that Jon from Jon and Kate Plus 8 was caught out with a "mystery woman" at 2 am, after a night of clubbing. Jon replied with a statement that he was "meeting the club owner with his friend" and that his friend merely "wanted to drive his car." I'm sure that's not the only thing she wanted to drive. Personally I'm fine with Jon and Kate breaking up. That woman is a real pill and the whole world knows it. She need a reality check, pronto.

I'm a little disappointed in Jon's taste in rebound girls. I mean, if you're going to cheat, you might as well go all out. Aim a little higher. Just think about it:

Jon and Beyonce Plus 8
Beyonce could form a Von Trapp/Destiny's Child type singing group and she'd have plenty of choices for when she wanted to kick someone out of the group.


Living with Lohan...and Jon...Plus 8

What about Lindsey? She's newly single. She's looking for love. She's had reality show experience. She knows what it's like to live in the spotlight. And I'm sure she'd be a good mom...I mean...she has had dogs before, that counts....right?

Zac and Jon Plus 8: It's Complicated

Come on people--this is 2009! If you can't have a couple of homos on tv with 8 kids, what CAN you have on TV? Plus Zefron is totally adorable and charming. Having him on the show would totally smooth over the fact that this man with 8 kids left his wife for another man, right? And look at that picture--they look soooo happy together. Oh could wash clothes on those abs....

and if all else fails....

Keeping up with Jon and Jodi

Bring back Aunt Jodi!!!!! You guys remember Aunt Jodi, right? She was on the show waaaay back in Season 2 and would always take care of the kids but then Kate said

and kicked her ass off the show. Apparently Kate doesn't like attention being paid to other people, who knew? Jodi already knows the kids, they already know her, Jon knows her, we know she's a good mom, she lets her kids play dress up and eat candy, and we know she makes for good tv! The only downside? She looks like a drag queen. But that's fine, after RuPaul's Drag Race it's okay to have drag queens on basic cable! Perfect fit!

I'm just saying TLC, think about it. And if you decide to go with any of my ideas, make sure you tell everyone you heard about it on BriTunes first!!

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Melissa said...

LOL. except for the zac efron part. :) i don't want him with jon, no no nooo that picture of him is ridiculously hot though