Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Makover Week

With no offense to Amanda, the most overrated woman in America...nay, THE WORLD, got a makeover and LOOK!

The ManBrows are no more!! Between her and OctoMom, it's like the year of overrated Q-list celebrities. I hope you will still be friends with me Amanda. Please still love me, Pwease?

Will you love me if I wish you a HAPPY ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT DAY?!?!

You....and Sah-Wa too, apparently. Hm. Anyway, did you hear? It's Administrative Assistants Day!!! I hope someone heard because my bosses definitely didn't! I didn't get shit, except for lots of work today and sideways glances. Whatever. I know they appreciate me...somewhere....deep....deep the depths of their cold cold souls.

I had another fantastic date last night.

We ordered Thai food, watched American Idol and Kathy Griffin, drank wine and talked, and ate Sour Patch Kids. Uh...could there BE a better night than that? Headed out with More-O tonight, and my friend Rob comes into town Friday, Preston on Sunday, and then British Ben next week! Phew

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Anonymous said...

Love it. And I don't appreciate your use of the letter Q - these folks are at least V list.