Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One of These Things is Just Like the Other

And this is why Spencer and I are the same person. Saturday we show up to the zoo and both have on white plaid shorts, and a blue shirt. Last night? Black shirt, grey plaid shorts. And then these pictures happened:

In a separate location twenty minutes later...

Please pay no attention to the fact that he looks about twenty times cuter in his picture. Dodgeball after partys are always a dangerous drug. You go in thinking you're going to stay for twenty minutes and 1:45 am later you're dancing to bad techno at Splash. Wait--what?! Ugh. Seriously. It was a great time though and so much fun to see everyone. Hard to believe that there are only two more weeks left in dodgeball. Whatever will my liver do?!

I have no other reason to post this picture of More-O and I other than I ja'dore him. That is all.

Didja hear? They're remaking one of the GREATEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME!!!

I LURVED this movie growing up. I have absolutely no idea who the guy was playing Fred but Phoebe Cates is amazing in it. I remember always loving when she cut her hair short. I've heard that it's going to star Russell Brand from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" which sounds like it might be pretty good. Anne Hathaway for the lead? I should be casting this movie. Actually, I should be getting back to scheduling meetings. I'm feeling very

about work today but I've been kept relatively busy so that's nice. One last thing before I go:
Spotted in an apartment in Utah

Carrie Bradshaw!!!! That hairy bitch has been chillin' with Elphaba and Crazy's mom and I guess she's doing well. You know, I really do miss them...I still can't believe how that all went down and how crazy the events that unfolded were. I'm happy that things worked out for the best in the end. Well...for the most part. But that's another blog for another day! Peace out, ya'll!


Chrislynn said...

I LOVED Drop Dead Fred. I hope they don't ruin it. Thanks for always keeping me in the pop culture loop, my friend.

More-O said...

Love the pic of us. God we take such good photos!