Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Things One Learns at Dodgeball...

Last night was a super fun night at Dodgeball and the subsequent after party. Looking back on the evening, I came to a few realizations that I would like to share with you.


Watching people getting hit in the head and nuts with a Dodgeball is ALWAYS funny. There is a guy on my team who...well...let's just say he's not exactly the best. Not that I'm any better but really, he's the pits at Dodgeball. I know that he's been practicing and has even bought his own Dodgeball's so that he can play with friends. It must be paying off because last night he did SO GOOD! He caught a ball and even got someone out with one of his throws. Of course he still got beaned in the head which was hilarious but I was so proud of him last night. He was like the little brother I never had. He used to drive me crazy but I'm totally warming to him.

2. Quick, Catch!

I TOTALLY caught a ball to win the game last night!! I was supes proud of myself. It was hilarious because I caught it and apparently did a little strut off the court (as noticed by Spencer). He said to me after "I knew your head was exploding inside" which it TOTALLY WAS!! lol. Silly, but I was just happy that our team won a game because

3. Wah Wah

Team Eagle is toooootally in Last Place. Ah well, I wouldn't want to be on one of those teams that is super serious about the games anyway.

4. Rain Rain Go AWAY

Last night I learned my Ben Sherman shoes do not keep the rain out. SUCKED but good to know for future reference.

5. Ruff

For whatever reason, we were playing "what dog would you be" last night and Endre told me that I would be a Puggle. Now he was using it as an insult, but I'm totally fine with being a Puggle. They're adorable!! Sure when they grow up they get a little...odd looking...but aren't I getting more and more odd looking as I grow older? Exactly. I'm curious to know, what kind of dog are you?

6. Whoops

I also learned last night that...

Flip Cup plus

The song "Pour Some Sugar On Me"


Me dancing on a stripper pole with Dom and Mikey. Actual pics to follow. And don't act offended mother, like you've never done that?!

In my mind it was totally awesome and looked something like this

(hi Jessie!)

In actuality it probably looked along the lines of this:

Whoops indeed.

7. YUM

I learned last night that leftover Subway sandwhiches are even better drunk at 1 am.

and finally...

8. Pretty Girl

While surfing Facebook late in the night, I learned that Spencer truly does make a very good looking woman. Scotty does too but Spencer...it's just scary. These are my best friends people.....

Ai Dios Mio.....

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