Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday TidBits

Lordy, lordy. Thursday Thursday and the weekend is almost here, huzzah! Not much news to report today, I'm afraid. The girls in my office are all aflutter with "Twilight" talk.

Yup, Kristen Stewart, I still hate your face. I tried to get into Twilight, really I did. But the writing is so elementary and the story line....I mean....ugh. And I like vampires! In fact, I'm currently (FINALLY) finishing Season 7 of Buffy! It still amazes me just how many celebrity cameos are on that show. I mean, just yesterday for instance I saw Nathan Fillion as a real big bad guy and I had no clue he was ever on that show! Same goes for the beeauuttiful Rachel Bilson, from "The O.C."

Oh, how I miss that show.

One show that is IMPOSSIBLE to miss though (because it's everywhere) is American Idol and not that I'm complaining. Last night Steve More-O invited me to a little Top Model/Idol/Lost viewing party that was held in a gorgeous multiple room high rise apartment in Chelsea. Not really knowing what kind of place I was heading to and not wanting to show up empty handed, I grabbed a bottle of wine that was left over from my house party to present to my host. It was just a disaster on all accounts. Here I am standing next to mini-sandwhiches and caviar covered deviled eggs, presenting what I'm assuming is an $8 bottle of German wine. Yeah, cause Germany is so well-known for their wine. Not having met the host before, I look for the oldest looking man in the room and hand it to him...yeah...not his place. I mean, it wasn't the worst situation in the world, but I cringe just looking back on it. Had a great time though, and the right people went home on both Top Model and Idol so that was good.

You know who better watch his back though?

This guy. I'm telling you Gokey, if I ever meet you and Cruz Beckham in a room somewhere only one of us is going to make it out of there alive. Last night Gokey thought it was acceptable to make fun of my boyfriend Matt Giraud.

Sure he looks nauseous, but still....swoon. The contestants were all having fun and pretending to sing like each other but Gokey took it one step too far and INSULTED my man's singing voice. All in good fun, right Danny? RIGHT? Wrong. Watch your back late at night, s'all I gotsta say.

Did you guys hear who was on Idol last night?


Ya'll, what is the big deal? I mean, I like "Poker Face" and "Just Dance" as much as the next 'mo but I feel like she's all people can talk about lately. And in the words of sassy black girl #2 from Sister Act 2 her performance was "good, but it wasn't all that." Indeed sassy black girl, indeed.

Did you hear the new Wolverine movie leaked online? I watched the first 45 minutes last night at 2am but then my internet stopped working. I'm going a liiiittle crazy looking for it online today. Obviously I'm going to still see this in the theater is BAD ya'll. Poor pacing, infantile dialogue and just a whole lot of stuff that does not. Make. Sense. Wolverine FAIL.

One last thing before I go. Gorgeous man on the Subway this morning. Dark flowing hair, great outfit, good shoes, cute as all get out. Then he pulls out a book. NOTHING sexier than a man reading a book. I look over to see what he's reading and....

Eek. You know? I'm good, actually....but the best of luck to you sir.

Spencer's LOVAH arrives in to New York tonight and I think we're all going out for a little Pop Rocks action, which almost always guarantees a great time. Until next time my friends...

"Face face face I've got face, beauty face, you can take what I say" CAMAROOOOON!!! (Just for you Steve!)


Beachquack said...

Reading your comment on the new Wolverine movie kind of made me sad. You know how much I adore Hugh Jackman, and the whole X-Men Trilogy... so hearing it's bad, makes me not so happy. I'll still go! Hugh Jackman can stand still for two hours, and I'd probably watch.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to tell you but Pop Rocks is no longer...

Sarah said...

Don't be a hater/judger. There are no special effects in the movie-part that you saw, and we all know how much they change a film. I refuse to believe the #1 person on my list would be aparty to such a horrible film. In fact, even if it's horrible, I'm going to say it's the best. Because Hugh Jackman is YUMMY beyond all rational judgement.