Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Tidbits

First things first--Happy Opening '9 to 5!' Page Six had his date cancel yesterday so since I was there when it happened he invited me to see the show again yesterday. Two times in two weeks, love me some Broadway! Because we're so VIP, (and by we I mean he, I just tag along) we were able to go backstage. Neil Haskell from "So You Think You Can Dance" was TH--IS close to me, but I was too shy of a fanboy to go and say hi to him. Stephanie Block walked past me like four times but I was scared of her and Allison Janney was right around the corner from us but I didn't want to interrupt her conversation and tell her how much I love her. Megan Hilty on the other hand....

...invited us into her dressing room (which smells REALLY GOOD) and showed us all of her pictures with Dolly Parton and her opening night dress and her costumes and was kind of cool being in a Broadway star's actual dressing room. A first for me, in fact. A great show, and a great time. Thanks Page Six!

Back watching the cats at Ant Rapp's. You know, I thought that cats were supposed to be an easy animal to take care of. I mean, I thought you could just put a bowl filled with food out and they were supposed to be able to eat off that for a number of days. Right? Isn't that what I heard? That's what Carrie and Big were like. Not so with Anthony's..I swear...they're so high matainence. First Sebastian up and dies. Now Emma hasn't really been eating the past couple of days so great...that's one thing. And Spike. Oooohhh Spike. He's had this rash on his belly for a number of months. Anthony just never got it taken care of but I noticed Spike had been messing around with it more than not lately so I made Ant take him to the vet when he was in town. Now I have to give him a pill every day which is SO much fun to do and then I come back to the condo last night to find this:

Yeeeeeeeikes! I'm reminded of that Jurassic Park dinosaur that ate Newman...

Seriously. The resemblence is uncanny. Especially when Spike is hungry and meows at me loudly. He's so special ed with it on, I kinda can't handle. Poor guy. I feel bad for him but gimmie a friggin break!!

Found a picture of me in action at a recent Dodgeball night and oooohhhh my goodness.

Pretty, right? Please notice a few things:

1. Short shorts. Oh yes. Oh yes. Totally sexy on me. And I absolutely stole them from the gym. Excuse me, "borrowed them."

2. The Finger. Constantly paranoid of breaking my finger again, it's not unusual to see me protecting it by keeping it close to my body. Of course, that kind of hinders my catching ability sometimes but...whatever.

3. Oh no! That is totally my "Oh my God I don't want to get hit by this ball" face.

Red Arrow by what should be #4. Check out those guns. You have your ticket to the gun show yet?

5. Red Rubber Ball. If I remember correctly, this is the match where I was a total rock star and bobbed, weaved, and dodged for hours. So on one hand, I could have dodged this ball. As it was though, it's also very possible this ball was on target to get me out. Yeah....probably the latter.

Have a date with Guy tonight.

Am very excited. I've been having some very good times with him lately. We're either going to see "Obsessed" with Beyonce or the "A Chorus Line" documentary. I'm pulling for the documentary, he's pulling for Beyonce. Said this to me earlier: "I really want to see Obsessed and I think it would a really fun movie to see but I'd go see A Chorus Line. You can pick, I'm fine with either."

Which movie do you think we're going to see tonight?

Damn him. He plays the game well. :)


Kevin Doyle said...


Got your email wanting to hear about things in the department. Send me your email address and I'll give you all the skinny from my perspective.

Sadly, most in the entire college are avoiding using their work email for fear it is being screened. That's why the MSN address above.

Kelly said...

Ali Larter FTW