Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Recap

I'm convinced that when you have a really great weekend, it makes coming back to work on Monday. This morning was particularly rough on me and my coffee has YET to kick in...grumble grumble...

What a fun weekend though! Friday night Page Six and I had a catch-up date and went to see the revival of "Guys and Dolls" at the Nederlander Theater (R.I.P. "Rent").

Although there were a few boring moments, I enjoyed it overall. The show felt very disjointed to me, as in, it didn't flow very well as a production which isn't the show's fault. The four leads, while each a fine part of the show, didn't mesh well and had about zero chemistry. Lauren Graham (LORELEI!!!) was Adelaide and I really enjoyed her performance. It has the perfect mix of charm, sillyness, and sincerity. I was quite impressed with her singing voice as well and it was really fun to see one of the Gilmore Girls on stage!
A special shout out to Kate Jennings Grant who was absolutely amazing in the production. She and Graham were totally stronger than the two male leads, Craig Bierko and Oliver Platt.

I was, of course, excited to see Craig Bierko in the production because he is, as we all know, Carrie Bradshaw's jazz man.

I also hear he enjoys Bourbon and is quite the cunning linguist.

Met up with More-O, Dom, Endre, and some others after the show and headed over to Pieces for a little trashy Friday night fun. Ran into Spencer, Scotty, and Hubby, who were all coming from the Football drag fundraiser. Scotty was a hottie but Spencer SCARED me how good he looked in drag. It was a mix between his sister, his mom, and Jamie Sanduk. Seriously, look at this shit:
It's a blurry picture, but it frightens me how much he looks like her in it.

Go on and get it Spenc, with your drag self! After what will go down in history as a very memorable night (or a 'dream come true,' as More-O would describe it) I dragged my sorry ass home and crashed.

Saturday I went to the gym, met up with the Dodgeballers for a couple of quick games (Who am I kidding, I was in flip-flops and watched from the sidelines) and then grabbed some Pinkberry and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL DAY. I'm happy to say it was an even more beautiful night. I had a FANTASTIC date with someone

and what made the date even better was the fact that we went to go see "9 to 5!"

I've been anxiously waiting to see this show and it did not disappoint. I love love loved it, even if I did have a few issues with some of the music and with Allison Janney's "singing." BUT, she was in "Drop Dead Gorgeous" and therefore can do no wrong.

Its been a while since I watched that movie, perhaps it's time again.

Stephanie Block (Wicked) and Megan Hilty (.....Wicked) were also in the show and were fantastic (Megan more so than Steph). Rounding up the amazing-ness of this show was my "So You Think You Can Dance" boyfriend Neil Haskell.

Oh Neil, how many different ways do I love thee? A whole lotta ways!

I'm fully convinced this is going to be a huge blockbuster of a show--the next "Wicked" if you will.

While there was no flying witches, there sure was a whole lotta fun up on that stage!!! Super fun date and I'm seeing him again tomorrow. What What! Headed to Ben Rosen's Spring Fling for a little bit, then downtown with Endy and More-O. Fun times, but two late nights in a row led to me hanging around the house Sunday and doing some much needed cleaning!

A few open letters for your Monday morning:

Dear Sarah Jessica,
Um....Hey're you? Been a hot second. Just one question for wearin'?

I mean, I normally think you're pretty much perfection. I even forgave you for that Green hat thingy at the London premiere of your movie.

More than forgive you, I defended you and gave you props for making such a bold fashion choice. But this outfit above honey? should've rethought that. And Matthew Broderick couldn't be more of a queen if he tried.....but I'm loving the bow tie! Don't worry, I'll be here for you when you (inevitabely ) announce your separation.


Dear Husband Jake Gyllenhaal,

Babe!! What's wrong? Why are you so angry looking in this picture? And why the hell are you hanging out with Busy Phillips? She hasn't done anything worthwhile since "Dawson's Creek" and even on that she was pretty much useless. And then there's that....woman....standing next to you. I saw a picture of her this morning that was pretty incriminating and made it appear as if she was with child. Jakey-Poo....why are you doing this to me? I can understand why you want people to think you're with her and not me but...really? A baby? Jakey...please say it ain't so. That greedy bitch is just going through my list of men as it is. First Ryan, then you. Next thing you know she's going to be hopping on Gabrial MACHT and Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds and Aaron Tveit. Shit, I shouldn't have said that out loud. Greese Witherspoon's people are probably copying this and sending it to her so she can hop on the next bone within the year. You're GREEDY Greese! Leave some hot celebrity bone for the rest of us why don'tcha! Anyway, I still love you Jakey.


That's about it for now. New Tyra blog up.

Check it out 'ere

Got an email from my editor this morning and he's leaving the Tyra Show! Sad! The blogs will continue but I think we're done with the Gay Truth Booth for the next little bit. No skin off my back! That shit took up some TIME but was a blast. Hopefully he'll move on to bigger and better opporunities and ring me up when he needs a blogger.
My brother texted me this weekend asking me to Emcee the wedding reception.
Lol. I appreciate how he told me I can't get "tanked." Do I get "tanked" very often? I haven't Hulked out in forever! Here's to hoping I can hold my liquor and won't pass out mid-speech. ;)
Enjoy your Monday Betches!


Iknowaboutpopular said...

I don't know what you're talking about Brian. That outfit of SJP's is what all the girls are wearing around the stable this season. She's so cutting edge I could open my mail with her.

Beachquack said...

I laughed so hard, I started choking on my carrot. If you think that is scary, go to my facebook, and look at the picture of you and I together (where you said you look like a giant)! Oh my hell, seriously funny... scary, but funny!!

Kelly said...

Wow, too much to comment on, so instead I won't comment at all... other than to say that I hope Jeremiah finds a way to put a horse's head on that picture of SJP.

doug said...

Please don't end the Gay Truth Booth! I've really been loving it. This week's was especially good! I actually had to send a guy packing this weekend after he broke about three of your first-date rules...

Also, I've been sending that SJP picture around the office so much that I think I just blew up the e-mail system.