Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy B Day

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Not a whole lot to report on this side of the pond as the weekend was relatively low-key. Went out with the boys on Friday and Saturday and then yesterday my liver recovered while I was productive and cleaned the house. I also caught up on about 9 hours of DVR so that was another welcome surprise to my Sunday.

Today is my boyfriend Matt Giraud's birthday.

Since I fell in love after he sang "Human Nature" on Michael Jackson week, I'd like to decided a song to him. Ahem.

"And I say Matt, Matt,
I hope you have a Happy Birthday
Matt, Matt,
Won't you do me right now?

Matt, Matt, noseriously have a Happy Birthday
Matt, Matt, I hope it's really great
and you eat a lot of cake
and you'll come be my date, 'ate, 'ate aiiiii ahhhhh
ooooo dooo doo doo doo dooooooo.."

Happy B Day Matt Giraud!!

In other news....we're only a few posts away from Blog Post #500 in which I'll reveal some very exciting news! Stay Tuned....

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