Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I j'adore her but....

Oh Kelly.....oh....um....er....I um.....I'm not quite sure what to say here. Many of us have weight ups and downs and it's looking like Kelly is going through one of her "up" weeks. Eeeeeyikes. It's okay Kelly, I know that you're coming out of your winter slumber but you might want to consider doing some cardio or lifting some weights.

Just a suggestion. I still love you though--keep doin' whatchu doin'!

The outpouring of rage and anger over Brian Williams blatantly STEALING BriTunes' moniker is still echoing throughout the land. Take, for instance, this story written on Gothamist.com:
Or this piece from a fellow blogger:

OUTRAGE!! Something must be done about this. Brian Williams---I'm comin' for you!

Get that smug look off your face. You're not as innocent as you look! As previously mentioned, B. Will is added to fellow nemeis'....nemesises? Nemesi? Anyway...



...and KATE?! WHAT? How could I have a nemesis from a show that I love so dearly? It's simple, really. There's all this hubbabaloo going on about Jon cheating on Kate and Kate cheating on Jon and blah blah blah blah blah---WE DON'T CARE! The thing that gets me is when Kate, who is pretty much just a miserable person, tells the press "we are a private family, we will deal with this privately." Uh....if you're so private, why are you going on the Today Show, and the View, and Larry King Live and People.com and Ew.com and why are you EVERYWHERE?! Go home and deal with your "personal, private" problems and get out mah face!

Last night was the last night of Dodgeball and team Eastern Bloc defeated everyone to take the title of champions. Where did Eagle end up? Well.....not DEAD last so that makes me feel a liiiittle better. Afterwards we went out and even though I was only planning on staying for a few drinks, the bar just HAD to go ahead and play AMAZING music so I was out quite late. And there maaaaaaayyy have been some Vogueing on a table......there maaaayyy have been some Britney Spears dancing while in the middle of a circle and there maaaaaay have been a dance-off. Just maybe. Whoops. Looks like I did it again!


Kelly said...

"My life would suck without you... candy."

doug said...


Also, hullabaloo.

Also, I love that your feud with Brian Williams is becoming public. I say you milk this thing. Go on TV complaining that Brian Williams stole from you. This is your big moment to shine.