Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pretty Party!!!

My dad likes email forwards. Really though, which dad doesn't? This morning he finally sent me a forward that I can get behind. (he he, get behind)


I mean seriously, is there anything better than ugly people? Nein! What is behind her in the field? Is that a dead cow? A rock? I can't tell.

I need to meet this guy. He is absolutely giving me fierce. Look at how many different emotions he is portraying in just this one picture. Ugh. Totally Top Model material.

Jeffery Dahmer? Is that you? That little girl is totally going to grow up to become a "Handsome Lady," I just know it. And I wonder if they had to sell one of their oxen for that gorgeous wheel. Malaria! Axel! Crossing Rivers! Oregon Trail!

If I had to play "Screw, Marry, Kill" with this group, I would screw blondie, kill Elvira, and marry the dog. And please, please, tell me homegirl on the left is wearing a No Fear t-shirt. Those shirts were the shit!!

1. Looks like they're taking tanning lessons from Wednesday in the picture above
2. My dad totally had some glasses like those when he was their age.
3. Is the kid on the far right an albino?

If this guy doesn't scream "pedophile," I don't know what does.

My guess is that these two never ended up actual GOING to the Convention....but that's just a guess.

And that concludes this Pretty Party.

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