Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wah Wahhhhh

Last night was quite the TV night with finales of Top Model and Lost, and the greatest American Idol results show EVER. First things first...

Holy Cannoli! Juliet! Jacob! Magneto controlling the electromagnetic waves of the island! Oh wait...what? That wasn't Magneto, okay, never mind then. Had the More-O boys over for tele and we, thankfully, avoided the disaster of missing Lost after my DVR kaka'd up as Endre had saved it at his house.

I had to steal this from PopWrap because it was Just. That. Brilliant.

Hokey Gokey indeed. He's outtie 5000 and I TOTALLY CALLED THAT SHIT. ADIOS bi-hotch. Whatever will Lens Crafters do now without your weekly glasses purchase?

Thankfully, the overwhelming joy I felt at Gokey going home overshadowed my disgust over Top Model. Teyona winning over Allison?

My amazing, weird, gorgeous Allison?

Well there's really only one thing to say about that:

Thanks as always to fourfour for his amazing .gifs. Thanks to Page Six for explaining Lost to me in detail. And thanks to Tyra for NOTHIN! dios mio....

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