Monday, June 1, 2009

All I Really Want... a nap. Too much to ask? Perhaps. What I also really want is to wish... homegirl ALANIS a Happy 35th Birthday!!!! Holy Cow! 35!! Wasn't it just yesterday she was 21 and releasing her first cd? Where do the years go, Lani, where do they go? Here you are turning 35 and yet, I haven't aged a day. Funny how that happens.

What a weekend! Feels like just yesterday I was sitting here excited about the fact that it was Friday and now...Monday again. Wahoo! Of course, this week is extra exciting because Spencer and I leave for Florida in four days! I have so much to do before we leave, including laundry, finding a swimsuit, and losing ten pounds. Hopefully I'll be able to accomplish all of my goals. Hey--if they can do it on "The Biggest Loser," why can't I? Had a very fun (if not CRAZY) weekend. Friday Spencer and I went to CT to celebrate Jack's 4th birthday. That kid is the CUTEST. THING. EVER. Jack's little brother Finn is cute too but he was sleeping the entire time and whenever he was awake Spencer was making "gaga goo goo" noises in his face so I didn't get to see him much.

Jack's amazing though. He has this really awesome Batman mask that I tried on

and the minute Jack saw the picture he goes "Brian, Batman doesn't smile."

Fair enough.

He then proceeded to show me how it was done.

He's so badass.

At Jack's party we had food, toys, a lot of kids, about 5 pounds of Mac and Cheese, and a bouncy castle! All I have to say, is that if I was at this party at 4 years old, I would have Fa-reaked! Needless to say, the kids spent the majority of the party in the bouncy wonder.

A lot of bouncing happened, sure. But a lot of this

also happened. How is it kids are so much tougher when they're younger? I would have broken about fifteen bones doing some of the things they were doing in that castle. After a train ride home in which Spencer and I PA-SSED OUT (note to self: little kids make you tired) Spencer headed home and I went to Brooklyn to meet up with Kaka Kido, Matt, and the girls for a little summer BBQ.

What a FANTASTIC night. The weather was great, food was amazing (yup, more food) and the company even better. Remember that diet that I was on last week? I was doing so good? Yeah....that was kind of shot to shit on Saturday. No joke, I think I ate more on Saturday than I did the entire week previous. First time I've had Mac and Cheese in over a year and I have it the week before I leave for Florida. Smaaaaart move Brian.

Once the sun went down

(see? That's the sun going down)

we had an extra special treat: Wii on the roof!! Matt and his friends set up a white screen, a projector, and the Wii, it was so cool!

We played a little Guitar Hero, Mario Kart, and Punch Out. Yes, you heard that correctly, Punch Out. Like 1991 Mike Tyson Punch Out.

Little Mac, Mike Tyson, and Randy Jackson in the corner. Except it's 2009, and Little Mac has grown up quite a bit....

Dude!!! Little Mac got HOT!!!! This game is OFF. THE. HOOK.

I have to say though, my triceps and back are KILLING me today due to the aggressive drunk punching I was doing.

It doesn't look so aggressive but trust me, I was one tough bitch.

In addition to Little Mac's makeover, all the other characters got makeovers as well. Remember King Hippo?

Not too terribly scary, eh? Well in this new version?

TERRIFYING!!! He was big before but now he like, towers over you. He done be ril scurry. Not so scurry?

The Disco Kid.

This character had me ROLLING on the floor. He's clearly a 'mo, and every time he got hit he would do this like "ow" noise that sounded like a girl shrieking. Also, he was yell "here it comes" whenever he was about to hit you. I tried to fight hard against him, but couldn't contain myself:

Seriously, I was DYING.

Speaking of dying....

...I discovered the HBO show "True Blood" this weekend. Seeing as it's coming back for Season 2 soon, I thought it was time I saw what all the hype was about. I'm liking it very much. I actually only have three episodes left...which shows you how much time I spent yesterday watching it. I'm not QUITE as "OMG" about it as everyone else is, but I am enjoying it. It's kind of a mix between Buffy and Twilight...emphasis on the Buffy. I mean, the whole Bill/Sookie relationship? Toooootally Buffy/Angel. So yeah, a few episodes left, it's great, blah blah blah.

In totally unrelated and "I saw that coming" news.....

Susan Boyle, after losing Britain's Got Talent....checked herself into the loony bin.

I saw that comin'!


Spenc said...

I didn't realize that I hogged Finn so much :( Can you blame me though? My sister makes the cutest eph-ing kids!

In other news, Little Mac is HOT!

Oh... wait... did you already say that?

SB said...

"Batman doesn't smile!" LOL!! That's priceless.

Anonymous said...

Matt and I totally watched 8 episodes of True Blood yesterday. Yeah, we were reeal productive :) -Kido

Kevin Doyle said...

the little batman boy looks like the little boy in the Stewart Little movies. Cute kid.

Holly said...

That guy wasn't Brandon Flowers, he was a fake. B.Flow doesn't dress like that, plus that guy's nose and eyes are wrong. Brandon has hazel eyes. ...Oh, and those sideburns are waaaaay too long. If he says he was Brandon, then he is a giant fag who likes to lie. Did you get an autograph? If yes, then rip it up and burn it and put the ashes in toilet and pee on the ashes, and flush the ashes down the toilet.