Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And I said Why....Why....

...WHY are we still talking about this?

Oh my God! Oh my God!! Adam Lambert is holding a boy's hand! This must mean only ONE thing:

Seriously people? It has been 100% obvious that he's a big 'mo and now that he's photographed holding a boy's hand we're supposed to act shocked and excited? Big whoop. I'm happy his ass didn't win. There. I said it. What now?

Last night Scotty hosted a Fundraiser for his football team at Pieces. Three words: Drag. Queen. Bingo.

Promised some awesome prizes I bought many, many a Bingo card--only to come home empty handed. Well, almost empty handed. ;) Big ups to Spencer for winning not once, but twice! Ya lucky bastahd.....

Also, in another shout out to Spencer....a Happy Birthday JUST for you because I know how much you love him.

I also thought this picture was kiiiiiinda adorable so that is another reason why I felt to wish him Felos Cuplemanos. That and the fact that he's friends with Kristen Bell. Happy B Day Zachary Quinto!

And now....

Kristen Bell. Just 'cuz.

Walking to work today I saw this lovely wonder:

Otters on a T-Shirt are totally the new Eagles on a T-Shirt. I should send this shirt to Susan Boyle, she'd totally be all about it.

Who watched Jon and Kate last night?

Was I the only one who felt kind of bad for Kate? I mean, no matter what she and Jon are going through, for him to be in Utah skiing on her BIRTHDAY? That's just, like "way harsh Ty." And then to have them interview together at the end but having the awful Mady sitting behind them...ugh, just AWKWARD. And really sad for those kids. But entertaining for us, I suppose!

Okay, off to do some work. And by work I mean trying to schedule some meetings while shopping for bathing suits and watching Conan online. Wahoo!

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Anonymous said...

I noticed Jon's aloofness as well. His comment 'I went skiing with some friends and it just happen to fall on Kate's birthday' was pretty low. How does he have friends...dude's got 8 kids. He tried to salvage himself by working with some 'tards, well that's not good enough you fat bald loser. That guy can suck it.