Wednesday, June 10, 2009

By Popular Demand...i

Hello, one and all.  Not to worry, I'm still alive.  Florida was a blast, and I came back in one piece.  Spencer and I had a great time together and it was really fun to run into our friends Preston and Chris down there.  Compared to some other New York weekends, we were relatively well behaved but for whatever reason Monday night I started feeling dizzy and my throat started to hurt.  Cut to Tuesday morning, heading to work and I'm a hot mess.  Visited the Dr. in our building and it turns out I have strep.  The good news is that in an hour I won't be contagious anymore and I'm already starting to feel better.  The bad news is that my boss forbid me from coming in today so I'm going to have so much work to catch up on when I'm back tomorrow.

I'm bored, miserable, and I know that I have neglected you.  But I promise to give a proper update tomorrow with many stories of the week.  I tried to on my iMac but....I can't figure out how to move the pictures.  I need to have a tutorial on how to blog with an iMac....

Anyway, I'll hopefully will be hollering at you throughout the day.  It just depends on how bored I am...but judging by how many "Friends" repeats I've watched, I'm guessing I'll be plenty bored.

Seacrest, Out!

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