Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dukes of Hazzard

First off, I need to apologize to Anne Hathaway this morning. Upon reading Broadway.com's featured stories I made a grave, horrible mistake, and for that I'm very sorry. I was looking at the stories and in my head I was saying "okay, Michael Jackson story, Samantha Harris is in Chicago blah blah blah, another Michael Jackson story.......oh.....wait."

Yeeeeeeeah. That wasn't a MJ story, it sure was an Anne Hathaway story! But look at those pictures! They look so much alike! So Anne, I am sorry. I actually like you very, very much and promise to never make this mistake again. But seriously girl, get some sun!

I've got a present for you. A Daisy Duke Photo Bonanza!!!!!

As you know, Friday night was Craig's Daisy Duke party and it was a blast. So now I present to you, the Top 6 Ingredients one must have for a successful Daisy Duke party. You know, in case you want to have one of your own.

1. Daisy Dukes

Well obviously a pair of short shorts is a necessity. The shorter the better. In my case, I cut them so short I could not sit down for fear of flashing all of my friends. My shorts were one thin strip of fabric away from being a denim skirt. Thankfully, this piece of fabric lasted all night. Phew. While you're wearing the shorts, a porn star pose is always an added bonus.

2. Jello Shots

Really a necessity to any party, Jello shots instantly make a Daisy Duke party more fun. The more variety of flavors the better!

3. Boys, Boys, Boys

Boys? Yes. Boys in short shorts? Yes please!! A bevvy of boys is always welcome when hosting a Daisy Dukes party. Of course, no Daisy Duke party is complete without....

4. Girls Girls Girls

The token straight girl. Love me some Lynne! Always dressed to impress.

5. Sexy Pose

An absolute must at any Daisy Duke party is a sexy pose. Extra points if you throw a sexy pout in there somewhere!

6. Ensemble

People, simply wearing Daisy Dukes isn't going to cut it. You've got to make sure you have the entire outfit planned and coordinated. For instance - DavidBrandon? Went for the whole "leather daddy" theme. Dom and Mikey? Sporty Daisy Dukes. More-O and I did a little country "these boots are made for walking" ensemble. Make it work, make it match, and make it fierce. Most of all - make it Daisy Dukey!

One last thing before I go:



Spenc said...

There's a whole lot of you naked on this blog today...

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

OMG - Before I even read Spence's comment I was thinking - lot's of skin today - especially BrianBahr skin.....has someone been working out and wanting to show off their bod??