Monday, June 15, 2009

I Hate Myself For Loving You

I think I like big boobs.

I know, I know, but let me explain. Sunday night I was scrolling through my DVR list and after watching "True Blood" I saw that I had DVR'd the "Girls Next Door" spin-off, starring Kendra Wilkinson.

In the past I've always hated her. No, like HATED her. She was my least favorite Playmate out of Bridget and Holly, and I even liked that old crotchety assistant Mary better than Kendra. But now with her solo spin-off, aptly titled "Kendra" we see a new side to the buxom blonde. I dunno, she's kind of really funny, endearing, and she always gives good hair. While watching it I thought "wow, I kind of hate myself for loving this so much." Which got me thinking about the other ladies in my life I'm juuuuuust a tad ashamed for loving. Like

New York. She's absolutely bat shit crazy, but holy cow homegirl makes me laugh. "New York Goes to Work" is quite possibly the greatest thing ever. Last night I literally had a debate at 1 in the morning on whether to watch that or the new episode of "Weeds." Upon discovering that New York would be dressed up as a clown this week, I chose "Weeds" in an effort to avoid nightmares.

Meet Dina, from "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." Now granted I'm a bit scared of Dina and don't want to meet her in a dark alley but I also kind of love her. My favorite thing about her is that she gives GOOD hair. She's also easy on the eyes and cracks me up. Speaking of "Real Housewives," it's the finale tonight! Who's watching! Who can't wait to see the table flip?!!

I maintain the fact that "Top Model" hasn't been the same since Janice Dickinson left. She brought so much life to season's 2, 3, and 4 that I find myself missing her every episode. Miss J, Twiggy, and Paulina Porizkova just didn't cut it. Granted Janice is a hot tranny mess, but she's a really fun hot tranny mess. I'm sure she's got a little bit of the devil inside of her, but when you're 144 years old you have to expect that I guess....

These last two I'm not proud of the fact that I love them but it just sorta happened....

I'm always going to be Team LC, that much is a given. But I kinda sorta love Heidi Montag. I know!! I know!! Don't get me wrong, Spencer Pratt is a despicable, disgusting, horrible human being. I do not support the Spencer, nor do I like the Spencer. But Heidi, Bible loving, Playboy posing Heidi, is kinda sorta fun. Ugh, I'm so ashamed.

But not as ashamed as I am for loving Paris Hilton. Vapid? Absolutely. Fame obsessed? Given. Despicable human being? You know it. Entertaining? Aaaaaaabsolutely. Paris Hilton's My New BFF is SUCH a fun guilty pleasure I can't even stand it. It's absolutely horrible tv, but it done be RIL fun to watch.
So there seems to be a theme among all these ladies. Big boobs, big hair, big personalities. Just the way I 'em!


Chrislynn said...

I totally kind of love Dina too! But hey, when in Jersey, right?

Anonymous said...

Brian - everyday it's like - OMG I thought the same thing....I think when judging you for some of these ladies - I'm really just judging myself....I <3 New York - GRRROWL!