Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Raining Bears

Oh More-O, what have you gotten me into this time? After a drab and dreary weekend, I ventured out with O, Dom, and DavidBrandon to the Folsom Street Fair yesterday. "Brian, what is the Folsom Street Fair?" you may ask. Well, after experiencing it, I'm still not sure. According to Wikipedia, it originated in San Fransisco in 1984 and is an "annual BDSM and leather subculture street fair." Homo say what? Basically it's a lot of fat hairy half-naked gay dudes walking around in chaps and scary leather masks and chains. Also known as a day of Brian making this face:

After walking around the fair for a few minutes and witnessing the different types of homos walking around, I learned very quickly that my parents could have it a WHOLE lot worse. I mean, when it comes down to it, I'm preppy, cute, and relatively vanilla. They should be very thankful I'm not into kinky stuff, or leather, and that I don't own this mask:

Eeeeeeyikes!!! Frightening!! I don't even know what that is! His shirt, however, is AWESOME. The only thing that could have been better is if there was an eagle on it somewhere.

I'm a little sad that I came away from the day without a boyfriend, because Lord knows I had plenty of eye candy to choose from. I mean, take this hunk of meat for instance:


Or what about this hot daddy?

It was Father's Day, afterall....

This guy might be a bit much for me though...

I mean, if I don't draw the line at clothespins on nipples, where DO I draw the line?

I even fell in love with a lovely lady as well who brought a new meaning to the expression "lean on me."

Seriously, homegirl was D-RUNK. Stumblin', boobs hanging out everywhere...

It was love at first beer spill.

Speaking of beer....the only place we could drink was in the "beer tent" which, much akin to last year's "Smoke Box" at Six Flags

this was less of a "beer tent" and more of a "beer pen."

Now get in your pen and drink!

I also got some great fashion and hair tips whilst hanging out with all these leather loving freaks.


There were a few fashion choices that made me a little wary of my surroundings and they included (but were not limited to)...
Baby Dolls on boots...
Hot tranny messes....

And Mexican wrestling masks.

:::shudder::: Always, ALWAYS in fashion though?

Siamese twinks!!
Seriously. Where do people come up with this stuff?! Ai Dios Mio....

We really did have a fun day, as scary as it was. As More-O said thoughout the day "it's all about the experience and the memories." And he's right. Even if those memories make you want to go home and take a shower.


Jwise said...

OMG, you should wear those baby boots with Onch's baby headband!!!

Now THAT would be a look! :)

Billy said...

So I went to Folsom East yesterday for a little bit too. Of course I stopped by after the downpour, so it smelled really pretty let me tell you.

Although I did see my favorite porn star ever walking around in the beer pen (Dean Flynn), for the most part I was very disgusted. And when I saw the flogging booth demo (they were lighting this guy's back hair on fire!) and the ass pie eating contest, I was OUT!

It is all about the memories though! Yeah, the memories!

Vincent said...

I forgot about the smoke box!!

More-O said...

Never have I ever been so transfixed by leather animal masks. Although I am SHOCKED you didn't mention your boyfriend Adam (whom you tried to save) and Jean (his not so hot bear daddy).

Classic line of the day:

You - "Honey, what time do you want to get out of here?"
Adam - "Nah, he's cool."


Kelly said...

Speaking of dolls on shoes... remember creepy old guy wandering around SLC with his little doll? Saw him the other day... thought of you :)

Anonymous said...

So which was more jaw dropping - This or Zeigfields??

I was treated to all kinds of BBahr Blogs today - yeah for Vacation!!