Monday, June 29, 2009

Lessons From Pride

Ah, June. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining (unless you live in New York) and that low pulsing beat you hear is the sound of thousands of little gay boys celebrating.....Pride!!

I had SUCH an amazing weekend with the More-O boys. Seriously, it was like one amazing memory after another. Friday night we had our Daisy Dukes party and I have to say that my costume came together quite well--pictures to follow. Saturday I woke up and did some laundry, then headed to my friend Alex's party on a roof top in Hells Kitchen. I feel really lucky sometimes to be treated to views like this

Seriously--how gorgeous!?

Saturday night we headed over to DavidBrandon's to celebrate his birthday and I found myself drinking water the majority of the time. I can NOT pace myself to save my life! Sunday morning was Andrew's rooftop party and the parade. He had the most ideal spot, right there on Christopher St. and the parade passed right by his house. Inbetween running up and down from the roof to watch the parade and then drink, I learned a few things.
Things I learned Pride 2009

*A blow up doll in the background of pictures instantly makes them better

*Fake wedding photos are really funny...

...until fake wedding photos turn into real 'smash the cake in your face' photos.

*I might want to start shopping in the Old Navy women's section after seeing Craig's cute tank top

*Cops love lesbians and Jack and Coke's.

*I learned I met and took pictures with a lot of people who I will not remember the next day.

*Sexy armpit photos aren't necessarily that sexy.

*Well placed middle fingers really make me laugh.

*I get really excited when seeing my Dodgeball lovelies marching in parades

*Shirtless boys on roofs? Yes please.

*Shirtless boys on floats? Even better!

*There is such a thing as 'too gay.'

*There is such a thing as 'too drunk.' (Not that they are...I'm just saying)

*I still love me a good marching band
And finally....

*When someone says "you really should put sunscreen on..."

...I should listen!

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