Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Boyfriend's Back

No offense to Jake G, Ryan R, and Aaron Tveit...

...sigh, Aaron Tveit....ah! Getting distracted, okay, anyway...

I have a new boyfriend! Last night I finally got around to watching Bravo's new "Gossip Girl"-esque reality show "NYC Prep" and I think it's love. The show's pretty trashtastic and tries too much to be like GG, but I have a sinking suspicion I'll enjoy it anyway. Something I know I'll enjoy? My new boyfriend, PC.

Yes, he's the real life Chuck Bass. And yes, I think he's completely 100% homosexual (even with his constant talk about girls) but man oh man, he does something to me.

So welcome to my life, PC. Now you wanna go get married in Vermont?


Jwise said...

you know I agree, but not everyone supports out love

Anonymous said...

I need to watch this show - that boy is def. my type - complete douche but still hot :)