Friday, June 19, 2009

These are a Few of my Favorite D.I.L.F.'s

Ah, Father's Day. A day to celebrate the people who did it with our mom's, resulting in the birth of a tiny baby boy or girl. Or hermie. Whatever. Father's Day in my house usually consisted of church, after which we would all separate for a few hours until I felt contractually obligated to go throw the ball around or hit a tennis ball with my father. The fight would inevitably happen around late afternoon or dinner, and then everyone would go their own ways to watch TV until bed time in which we would apologize for the fight, exchange pleasantries, and go to sleep! Glorious times.

In honor of Father's Day I'd like to gift you with a few of my favorite D.I.L.F.'s. Dads I'd Like to Fffff.......Fandango?

Quite possibly my favorite celebrity baby, Gavin Rossdale and Kingston inevitably have some fun jam sessions together.

Jude Law. Cheater? Sure. But that doesn't make him any less of an adorable dad.

Oh, Mark Consuelos. Why could I not find any pictures of you without that Tressant Supreme addicted Kelly Ripa on your arm? No matter. We'll just block her out. You are giving some face face face beauty face in this picture! So hot!

Despite what I feel for his child (down with Cruz!) I can't help but admit that David Beckham is one hot daddy.

Matt Damon seems like a great, down to earth guy and a really sweet dad. And he married a bartender for heaven sakes! Yeah. I know that has nothing to do with how he is as a father...I just ran out of things to say about him RIL fast.

Hot DILF Sabertooth....(who I run into in the East Village ALL the time)

And hot (gay) DILF Wolverine. Yes please!

Oh Ryan Phillippe. Ooooooh Ryan Phillippe. How I love you so. Granted I'm still devastated over your divorce with Reese (you and Reese are SO much cuter than Reese and my Jakey) but you're the cutest dad ever. Marry me!

You can't talk about hot dads without talking about the daddy of all dads, Bradley Pitt. Here he is with the adorable Zahara, and that other one. I truthfully wonder, when all is said and done, how many babies he and Angelina will end up having/adopting. Did somebody say baby?

Happy Father's Day to all you dads, DILF's, and DILF's in training out there!

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Amanda said...

I like Matt Damon because not only was the girl a regular girl with a regular job, but she was also a single mom!! How great is that!! He could have dated anyone and he dated a non-size 0 girl who already had a kid!! That makes me like him just a little bit more....even if he has gotten fat!!