Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Tidbits

Ah, Thursday. It's raining, I'm back at work, and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. FUN, right?! I have to say, it was very sweet of who readers who expressed to me how much you missed the blog posts. I'm sorry to have been away for so long--I promise to never leave you like that again. Have you guys watched the "Walking on Sunshine" video yet? How amazing is that?

So let's see, what has happened in the time since I've seen you last? Well, Adam Lambert came out of the closet, like THAT'S a big surprise....

One of my besties was talked about on for being a homo on a soap opera...

And perhaps most importantly, So You Think You Can Dance reeeeally got started last night!!

Who do we like, people? Do we like Brandon, or no? Are we loving Ballerina-girl? Do we still miss Natalie? Thoughts!!!

I realize that I owe you a proper Florida-recap. Unfortunately until I get Spencer's pictures I won't be able to do that (hint hint) but I'm not allowed to bug him to upload his pictures (hint hint) or joke about it (hint) so I'll just have to be patient with the rest of you. Until then, however, I can give you a play by play of what we did with the few pictures that I took on my phone.

Speaking of iPhones' WTF is up with releasing a new iPhone ever year? I mean, COME ON. We're not made of money. And what do you do if your old iPhone is still in great condition but you really want the video feature? Annoying. Okay, anyway. Moving on.

So Spencer and I got to Florida on Friday, checked in to our hotel and immediately headed over to Typhoon Lagoon for the first night's party. Basically what happens is the organization (I don't even know who ran the whole rents out Typhoon Lagoon and there is booze, dancing, water rides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and about 3000 half naked homos all hanging out until 2 am. Due to the fact that Spencer and I didn't buy our tickets in advance, we waited outside for the LONGEST time (sober, mind you). So inside, everyone else was experiencing this:

While outside, Spencer and I were experiencing this:

No Bueno. We FINALLY got inside, and enjoyed ourselves with Preston, Chris, and their friends until the wee hours of the morning. The next day, Spencer and I got up early and went to The Magic Kingdom!!!

Ooh, it's so magical. Despite one thunderstorm preventing us from hitting Splash Mountain in a timely manner, the weather held up for the majority of the day. And we, of course, ending up making S.M. happen.

Eeeeeyikes. Scary. You know, those rides are scary as adults for a WHOLE different reason then they were when we were kids. For instance, the animatronics are CREEPIER as adults--how does that work? And let me tell you, Splash Mountain has some freaky ass animatronics.

***SIDE STORY*** When Spencer and I first got to the park, we were on our way to Splash Mountain when we passed a little Asian girl with her parents. She couldn't have been more than 3 years old, she was wearing a white dress, parasol, had a pin that said "my 1st visit" and was waving to everyone. Spenc and I both "aw'd," and then...I burst into tears. Seriously!! WTF!?! S looked over at me and was like "are you crying?" I had no idea what was going on...I mean, am I pregnant? It was just the sweetest thing I had ever seen in my life. That little girl was just SO happy to be there...made me miss the days when it was the little things that made us happy. Not that a trip to Disney World is a little thing know. Anyway. Moving on.

Preston and Chris met up with us after S.M. and spent the rest of the day with us. It was SO much fun seeing them there and I was really happy we were able to spend the weekend with them. Saturday night was a big ciruct party at the hotel. For the longest time it just looked like a scene out of "Queer as Folk" complete with the random tragedy in the corner with his glow sticks.

Kelly Rowland came and performed three songs (3? That's it?! Says Spencer: "Can you name any other of her songs?) and it was a fun, late night, that ended in a drunken fight between me and Spencer. Par for the course, really. Sunday morning he and I got up and headed to Animal Kingdom, which was SUPER amazing. Lions!! Giraffes!! Hippos!! Redneck Tourists!!! Birds of Prey!!

:::Shudder::: The safari was super cool and we got some great pictures on Spencer's camera that we'll see....soon. ???

After our fill of Animal Kingdom, we headed over to Hollywood Studios for a few rides before calling it a day. Perhaps my favorite thing was the Muppet 3-D Experience.

They had a real life SWEETUMS come out DURING THE SHOW!! Crazy!! And by crazy I mean "in 1994 this would have been groundbreaking, now it's just kind of sad to see all these empty seats." As it is though, I loved it. Love me some Muppets! Spencer and I also rode the Rock n' Roller Coaster which was off the hook. That man and I spent so many hours in lines at the parks we had to come up with many a game to maintain our sanity. Included in our games were "Love him, Hate Her," (you either love the person, or you hate the person), "Screw, Marry, Kill," (you have to screw someone, marry someone, and kill someone) and the "Broadway Musical A-Z game" which, also, resulted in an argument. It was totes fun!!!

Not as fun, however, and the man that we encountered on the bus ride home. All I have to say is HOT DAD. He was a total DILF. We couldn't get a good picture of his face, but I got him from behind

which I guess is all that really matters. Lol. He had a super cute wife and a super cute baby. They were staying at our hotel a floor below us. They looked super happy and fun. I kind of hate them. :::sigh::: I miss him still. Spencer and I had a low-key Sunday night. We had a gourmet dinner at Black Angus and then went back to the hotel room to watch...

I know, I know...I'm so ashamed. It actually was super fun to make fun of and there was even one or two songs that I downloaded when I got home but I passed out in the middle of it. I don't even know how it ends!! Who got the scholarship? Did Gabriella and Troy stay together? Whatever will I do if I don't find out?!?!?! The answer: Nothing.

Flew home first thing Monday, and then I proceeded to get sick and miss work for two days. Wahoo!!! Looking forward to getting back to 100% though and getting back to the gym (it has been SO. LONG.) Tonight I'm going with More-O and Craig to see a screening "The Proposal"

Hosted by the one and only

Betty White, who appears in the film. If by chance she and I meet, I will make sure to thank her for being a friend all these years.
Hopefully I'll get tomorrow's post out before 5 pm! Until then bitches....peeeeace.


Justine said...

I did miss your blogging... By the way, I think you cried when you saw the little asian girl because it reminded you of the fact that your baby bro will *very* soon be officially taken by another asian girl.

Anonymous said...

aaaa....I feel so much better now that I've read a real blog post by Brian Bahr.

I love the QaF reference and glad y'all played one of my fav game "love them, hate them" that you taught me :)


Spenc said...

Oh JESUS... I'll download the fucking pictures -- it hasn't even been a week! Grr.

What are you trying to do... start ANOTHER fight?

Oh, wait...

Kevin Doyle said...

that poster of THE PROPOSAL - no way Sandra Bullock is THAT skinny. They really shmooshed the image to make her look 18 again. Didn't work.

I say this as a man who long ago came to terms with aging. Once you accept it (post 40, what choice have you got?) life's a lot breezier.