Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I've got a big 'ol dose of "WTF" for you this Hump Day Morning...

Zac. Zac Efron. Dude. WTF? Please take notice of Zac at last night's premiere of "The Hangover." The Hangover, Zac? More like THE MAKEOVER!!!! I mean really. Biiiiiitch Please. Wtf. Don't you know you're our style guru? We look to you to see what's hot and trendy! I mean, you used to look soooo good. Whatever happened to this?

And this? Seriously! You're like, the DEFINITION of hot!

Hell, I'll even take your over bronzed phase!

But this? Oh Zachy...

And what do you think you're doing dragging the impecceble, flawless, and overall amazing Kristen Bell into your mess? I suppose it's better than having that troll of a Vanessa Hudgen's on your arm, but whatevs. Please take a look at Ryan Reynolds from his premiere of "The Proposal" and let him show you how it's done.

Perfect. Now THAT is a red carpet outfit.

Add a lovely lady on his arm and you've got yourself a hot looking couple AND a hot romantic comedy!

Why not. One more just for the hell of it.

Le sigh. I know he broke Alanis' heart, but he give me one look and I just melt. Perfection. You used to be perfection Zac. Either shape up or ship out.

In totally related news, I saw a screening of "The Hangover" last night.

While not totally gaga over it as other people, I enjoyed it VERY much. I have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot about this movie this summer. 'twas good stuff. I really wanted Sour Patch Kids while watching the movie but SPK don't fit into my diet. I justified eating them by skipping dinner. Don't judge--Florida is in two days!!

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Anonymous said...

saw Ghosts of GFs the other night - SPK made the whole thing so much better. I think that was a total justifiable decision.