Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Well, I'm back in the NYC and my trip home to Ohio was a short one, but a successful one. Whole lotta boozing, a whole lotta family time, and a WHOLE LOTTA eatin'. Seriously, diet starts now. Well.....maybe tomorrow. Maria Conchita Gonzalez brought in candy today so I HAVE to partake in that, don't I? Oh well, too late. I'm also :::gasp::: not going to the gym today. I flew in this morning and went straight to work--I just can't get it up. I'll restart my routine tomorrow when I've had a chance to decompress from my travels. Vacation from a vacation, I'm telling you--it wouldn't be a bad thing! Didn't do much in Ohio, which was the plan from the start. Some highlights:





This dog is amahzing. She was so adorable the entire weekend. Ugh. Love her.

Heading in to church on Sunday morning (yes, church) I came across this license plate:

Apparently the woman's last name is Hooker but STILL--who in their right mind would drive around town with a HOOKER licence plate?! Bitch be crazy.

Monday Ma, Pa and I went golfing. As evidenced here:

Fierce. I'm not the greatest golfer. I either had amazing shots or horrible crap shots. It was a very fun day and I'm happy that I'll be seeing my family again in a few short weeks for the hot mess of Pat's wedding! Speaking of that, I need to go get fitted for my tux....eek. Time flies!

A few props:

Damn Miley! Go on and get it! You be lookin' goooood! As her best friend Leslie says: "She's just..." ah, forget it. But she looks like an actual grown up on this Elle cover. Of course, Britney went through the same transformation when she was Miley's age. I predict M.C. is a few short years away from an awkward head shaving.


Dear Chase, Zac, and Jared. Thank you thank you thank you for cutting your hair. Now we can do it. Love, Brian.

Today is Michael Jackson's memorial service at the ever so intimate Staples Center in L.A.

The whole thing was basically one giant freak show (would you expect anything less from MJ?) but I was very touched at the end when the family got up there and started to speak about him. John Mayer playing guitar to "Human Nature" was awesome, but was really missing Matt Giraurd singing vocals. Mariah Carey can't hit hardly any of the notes she used to be able to hit, and Janet Jackson was a fierce black Jackie O. Brooke Shields finally proved to us that she can act because bitch was PUMPIN' out those tears. All in all, it was pretty much what any one expected, but one can't deny the impact that he made on pop music and music in general. Okay. Michael Jackson died. CAN WE MOVE ON NOW?

Okay. Back to work. Enjoy your Tuesday and I'll holla atcha lata.

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