Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dance 10, Looks 3

Three words to express why I was sitting in Anthony's apartment silently shedding tears around 8:37 last night:





Ai Dos Mio I was FLOORED. First of all Travis Wall, my boyfriend from season 2, choreographed it and so it was nice to see him again. Second, Jeanine is fastly becoming one of my favorite girls and last night really cemented that for me. And Jason...oh wow, Jason. There are no words to express how amazing this dance was. So we have Jason, Jeanine, Travis and THEN? They danced to Jason Mraz. Ugh. Killed me.

One of the perks of being me is that I have pretty amazing friends. Also, I have amazing friends that have amazing rooftops and throw amazing parties. And if not amazing, well, at least they always include lots o' liquor.

I was lucky enough to see JOcean five consecutive days last weekend, so much fun! Here we are with Kelston and an amazing view of Manhattan in the background.

No matter what, More-O and I always have a fun time and Sunday was no exception. I'm especially liking how the sunglasses match the "Jersey Girl" tank top. Oh More-O, he's one classy ho!

Scotty and Beaux were there DOMINATING the beer pong table.

And Spencer was there as well....although I'm not sure how much of it he remembers.

Here we have Hubby and James attempting to take down Scotty and Beaux but I would like to draw your attention to my face on the right.

What the hell am I doing?! Did I eat a Lemon or smell something not right or what? I have no idea. Now look away and go back to seeing how pretty James and Hubby are...I said look away!

I have no funny quip about this picture. I just like it. Sometimes that's enough.

Saturday night the boys and I (and Dana and Lynne) went to do some Karaoke in Korea-town and that + copius amounts of beer NEVER disappoints. There was some Motown-Philly action, a little George Michael/Elton John, and of course.......

Some Backstreet Boys. Because we all know that no karaoke trip is complete without "I Want It That Way."

Something I learned from Karaoke on Saturday?

I play a mean ass tambourine.

Our department is moving floors this weekend so things at work are crazazy getting ready for the move. Add on top of that one of my bankers is out this week and I have to pack up his ENTIRE office (which is no small feat, let me assure you). So I'm off to do that. I have dinner tonight with formerbestfriend KristenTaylor and I'm nervous, anxious, and a tad indifferent. It's going to be weird to see her but she's in town, I'm free, and with 10 years behind us perhaps it's time I take the high road.

Then again, while I can forgive, I don't know that I can ever truly forget. But hopefully I can forget long enough to get a free dinner out of it.


doug said...

First, I don't get the title of this post. Are you scoring Jason a "3" in the looks department? If you are, well, that's incorrect...

Also, "five consecutive days last weekend"? You have five-day weekends?!

Anonymous said...

oh Doug - my future neighbor and grammer police :) I believe Brian was just quoting the Chorus Line song....

Brian Bahr - you never fail to entertain....

xoxo Q

SB said...

That was the sexiest dance ever! I had to watch it over and over again. Everything else was a let down in comparison.

doug said...

Oh yeah. I don't really know A Chorus Line.

Kelly said...

Can't... look... away... best... face... evar...