Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Love ya But......


Really Anna Paquin? Really? I don't know whose teeth look worse - yours or the dolphins. Eeeeyyikes....Learn how to smile for the camera next time. Oh, and learn a Southern accent. Cause you screwed up Rogue's like nothin' else.

So-So day today. I leave tomorrow afternoon for little Brother's wedding and on a scale from 1 to Ready I'm like a -14. It'll all come together though - I'm an expert last minute packer. Still, I might want to get started on my speech, don't I have to give one of those?

This past weekend was our friend Shawn's Birthday at Lucky Strike lanes. You might remember Lucky Strike as the location for "Best Date Ever" with British Ben. Shawn's party was awesome, complete with free bowling, booze, and hungry hungry homos attacking the appetizers. Hmm...that would make a good game....

Yeah, that picture worked out so much better in my head....

Speaking of pictures, we were sure to make our way into a bunch at the party. Or maybe that was just me. "Ooh, camera!"

Here I am with the birthday boy in an ADORABLE outfit and....new bowtie!!!!

More-O loves this picture. He wanted to make sure that I posted it.

I truthfully have no idea what Ben is doing here...covering up my drink for the camera? Interpretive dancing? No clue.

The gang. Love them!

Bowling was a blast and Lucky Strike really is an awesome place (if not a wee bit expensive).

And yes, that is Mean Girls playing in the background. So much fun!

That's all I've got time for right now. Tying up a bunch of loose ends today. One gift before I go though...all of you "Glee" fans needs to head over to Popwrap.com RIGHT NOW for a little present from Page Six.

(hint) It's a new music video!!


More-O said...

You sure know how to put up all the pictures I love. Can't believe you forgot the part where we drank our way through the West Village looking for something fun, and ended up laughing at people at Pieces and doing Allison whipit impressions.

Anonymous said...

Growl. PS LOVE your outfit at the party! and that pic with ur friend Ben falling - Best. Face. Ever. Captures the essence of that photo.

Good Luck & have fun at the wedding!