Monday, July 27, 2009

I Want My...

So while I hope you're well aware of my love for Intervention's Allison

"It's Like I'm Walkin' on Suuuuunshine!"

I've also discovered some wonderful characters while watching this show. One of my new faves is "I'm addicted to heroin and speed" Corrine's grandma. However, she used one of my favorite phrases and I couldn't help but say something about it.

Long story short, she was talking to her cracked out granddaughter and was saying how she missed the "old" her.

Cute, right? Loving those earrings. Then she had to go and say: "I miss my baby. Can I have her back? Can I have my baby back?" And my mind immediately went to:

I want my baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back, I want my....Yes Corrine's G-ma, you CAN have your baby back. Your baby back RIBS!!!!

I know, I know. Blame it on Monday. And if you guys wouldn't mind giving me a heads up before you stage my own intervention, I'd like to be wearing a cute outfit.

And wouldn't you know it - the commerical that Hulu showed while I was writing this post?

Chili's. It's like they're reading my mind!!! Well them....or....

It's Like I'm Walking on Sunshine!!!

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Anonymous said...

love EVERY second of that post. Mixing food, Intervention and Hulu.