Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's PC!!!

Last night Page Six and I met up with Dr. Mike for a few drinks and then went home to watch NYC Prep. Yes, that NYC Prep. You know the one. The one starring my boyfriend....

....PC!!!! Which I came to find out today stands for Peter Carey. Cute right? Yes...until you find out his last name. Peterson.

Yes, Peterson. His name is Peter Peterson. Now who would do that to their child?! Now I understand why he goes by 'PC.' It's quite all right though, I'll love him no matter what. Let's have a PC party, shall we?

As you may know, I firmly believe that P is of the homosesual persuasion.

Oh yeah baby, you're a mo and you mo it. Until now we've heard that PC dates girls. But in last night's preview for next week, we were treated to this juicy tidbit:

QUA?!!! Have my dreams come true? I'm hoping that this wasn't just a fancy thing they did during editing to screw with my heart. So PC I need to know -

You can call me, email, send me snail mail, follow me on Twitter, I'm on MySpace, Connexion, Friendster, you can show up at my work, you can text me - whatever you deem approp. I know that you're a really rich kid but I'll take you out nice and good. The Times Square Applebee's perhaps? I have a 2 for 1 appetizer coupon. OH YEAH!


Anonymous said...

Brian Bahr - I love this. You are killing me!!! PS Totally cute too :)


Spenc said...

I (shamefully) nod in agreement. Love me some Peter Carey!!!

(PS- did you notice that Jess usually calls him by his real name? That stuck out to me last night... she totes lurves him!)