Monday, July 13, 2009

Just Another Manic....

Ah, Monday. Love ya. After a weekend filled with parties, roofs, karaoke, drinking, and

I find myself back at work. Oh the joy. With Spring Break/Real World Long Island Part 2: The Duel only five days away I am eagerly counting down the minutes until I'll be with mah girls in bikinis, drinking and eating our faces off. Can't wait! Tomorrow night we're going to Central Park to watch the Philharmonic play and I'm so excited. It has been a hot second since I've seen my ladies and it's always a guaranteed fun time when they're around.

The Jonas Brothers were on the cover of Time Out NY this week.

Subscribers were sent one of four covers - either the one with the three boys, or single shots of Joe, Nick, and Kevin. God smiled upon me and sent me....

Sigh. Oh Nick. So hot. So underage. So illegal. Still, he's fun to look at. And only to look at because my ears bleed whenever he sings. Sers. Sounds like a cat being washed with Draino. Can you imagine how pissed you would have been if you heard the Bros were going to be on the cover and you opened up your mailbox and saw this:

Yeeeikes. Kevin. So unfortunate.

Did anyone see "True Blood" last night?

HOLY balls! That bitch done be crraaaaaaazy! Don't ask her for a back scratch, that's all I gotta say! is asking if you're Team Bill or Team Eric.

Hello, Team Eric, obviously!! I mean, am I the only one that thinks Bill (Stephen Moyer) is kinda gross? A little fugs? There's just something about Eric...yum!

I confess that I had to rewatch the show this morning because...well...I kinda sorta passed out during it last night due to drinking on a rooftop for five hours. I got halfway through it but hell if I remembered anything that happened after that first viewing. Problem? What problem?

Speaking of problems, I have a problem with this:

The Douche of the Day award goes out to Jon Gosselin, who was spotted in Paris this weekend holding hands with his girlfriend and smoking up while wearing an OH SO AWESOME Ed Hardy shirt. Oh Jon. Jon, Jon, Jon. What are you doin' to me? Is this thing I'm feeling actual SYMPATHY for your ex-wife? If only you had handled this split with some grace. Now I'm forced to do something I really, really don't want to do but Jon, you give me no choice. Kate, I hereby take you off of my nemesis list.

Oh, don't act surprised. Get that look off your face.

Better. Now look, I still don't like you but with all that you've got on your plate you don't need to be on a nemesis list. We're not friends though, just to be clear. You're still shrill and annoying, but now I do feel kinda bad for you so I'll cut you some slack. Williams? Gokey? Beckham?

You're still on the list. Don't even front.

Dodgeball tonight, diet starts back up, and I have a mosquito bite on my forehead. That's about all I gotz!


Kelly said...

LOL, his new girlfriend looks like Kate in a wig. HAHAHA

More-O said...

I actually cracked up about at the point where Kate was making the "shrill" face, then when I saw the "happy" face, I bust a gut.