Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh, I Gotta Go To This....

As you know, I love me some Tori Amos. Scratch that, LURVE me some Tori.

She's known for doing covers of famous songs during her concerts but last night...argh. I can't believe I missed it. Tori covered....

...Baby One More Time!!! And it's actually REALLY REALLY good. Damn you Oakland for getting to hear that! She's going to be in New York in August and I'm still needing someone to go to the concert with. Damn you Doug Smeath for no longer living by me! And damn you New York friends for being too "cool" for Tori Amos. lol. If worse comes to worse, I'll go by myself like I did with Alanis, but concerts are always more fun with friends. Anyway, if you want to hear the cover, it's up on Perez.
Boss is driving me UP THE WALL today. Thank God I'm leaving work a little early to go look at apartments with Page Six, and then it's off to Central Park to see the Philharmonic! Fingers crossed the day ends better than it started!

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