Friday, July 10, 2009

The Wonderful Wizard of....

So last night was the Harry Potter premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater here in New York. Due to the fact that I have the greatest friends in the world, I was able to attend!

Please pay attention to what Row I'm in. KKK! Eek!! So here's the sitch: One of my bestest, More-O, works for Warner Brothers. He works in their publicity and marketing department and as such, he has some really cool perks to his job. For instance, when "The Hangover" came out, it was his job to hang with Bradley Cooper for three days and take him to press events and interviews and screenings and such. For "Harry Potter," it was his job (HIS JOB) to hang out with Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the movies. Envious, sure, but then I learned he had to be in Jersey at 7 am with him and my envy subsided a stitch.

I got to the Ziegfeld around 6:30 pm, and it was a MAD HOUSE. While the main stars were doing a little of this:

I was on the other side of the carpet doing this:

Yeah, I'm definitely not cool enough to walk to red carpet. They'd be all "Hey, who are you? What are you wearing?" And I'd be all "BriTunes! And I'm wearing the Gap!" One day, my friends, one day.
Someone who WAS on the carpet, however, was.....

...Dan Radcliffe, sure. I know that's who you're thinking. But you know who I see?

THAT GUY!!!! More-O. On the red carpet. Right behind my boyfriend. Amazing.

The movie itself was the shit. Totally awesome. A stitch long, but aren't all of the Harry Potter movies a stitch long? My one major complaint was the end. If you know the books, the end result is still the same but the way they get there is drastically different. As someone who likes big shiny action sequences, I was significantly disappointed. Still, if you're a fan, you're going to LURVE this movie. Very well done.

Yasi's birthday was yesterday and my original intent was to skip the after party and head down to her shin dig. Justin and Diego convinced me to stop by for a bit and 2 am later, I had missed Yasi's thing. Mega sad face. I'll make it up to you soon Yas, promise. The after party, however? Was the shiiiiiiiiiiiit.

First of all, it was taking place at the Museum of Natural History. They informed us that transportation was going to be provided - I thought it would be vans or cars or something. OH NO. It was one of these big boys:

A bonafide New York City tour bus. Us New Yorkers actually make fun of people who ride these but I have to was the coolest thing ever. As I'm walking on to the bus, who I do in front of me but....

Oh! Hellooooo cast of Title of Show! It was great to see Susan and Hunter again, we chatted a titch, and then enjoyed the ride uptown. Sitting right in front of me on the bus?

BOOM. Broadway hottie Spencer Liff. Spencer was in Cry-Baby, Eqqus with Dan Radcliffe, and is currently in 9 to 5. HOT. TIE. With abs that don't quit. Spencer, please excuse the drool that I may or may not have dropped on your suit while oogling.
As we headed into the party, my mouth was just agape. I mean, Warner Brothers went ALL OUT for this shin dig. Full buffet with fancy schmancy food, FULL open bar with fancy schmancey cocktails (who knew you could put dry ice into cocktails?!) and other fancy schmancy stuff. They had this really cool Photo Booth where you could put on Harry Potter attire and take pictures.
(Can you tell that I'm TOTALLY smiling with my eyes?)

(The best friends at Hogwarts shot)

(We were supposed to be flying on the broomsticks but it looks a little dirtier. I blame the fancy schmancy cocktails).

(Group shot. LOVING Justin's face)

It was at the photo booth that I saw the guy from "Willow" and his equally short family (who knew that midgets had midgets! "Little People, Big World", you have steered me wrong) and my homegirl Michelle Trachtenberg.

I kiiiiiiinda sorta love Michelle so I couldn't help myself from saying hi and professing my love for her in "Buffy" and "Gossip Girl." She's no Kristen Bell, but warranted a mini geek out.
My boyfriend

was behind me multiple times throughout the evening (hee hee) but I didn't say anything to him. I mean really, what am I going to say? "Hi um....yeah....I think you were really good in the movie....and you're hot....and're good...and um....I love you and um...." Exactly. Ron Weasley was around all night as well, and at 1:30 in the morning was still going strong. That boy is headed on a road to rehab, I can just tell. Something in my bones says "rehab" whenever I look at him. Another very cool celeb sighting?

Marcia Gay Harden. She's always kind of bugged me, but after seeing her and the way she interacted with her kids and people at the party, she's made her way onto my "like" list.

In addition to the fancy schmancy food and cocktails, photo booth, and celebs, there was also some very cool stuff and also some dangerous temptations. Mainly?

The CANDY BAR. People. PEOPLE. You don't even know. They had POUNDS of Sour Patch Kids, Sour Worms, Skittles, Jelly Bellys, Gummi Bears.....I CRACK essentially. And for someone who isn't supposed to be eating candy at the moment, you can understand my dismay when I saw free candy. be damned. Ain't no way in hell I'm going to pass up free candy.

Also in attendance was a very colorful dance floor:

which no one was really dancing on, but looked so fun! The boys and I saw this as an awesome photo opportunity, pictures will surface later.
Life is about discovery, and once we discovered glow sticks, a couch, and fun lighting, we couldn't pass up this photo op.

Although now upon closer inspection, it looks like fire is coming out of my butt. Hm. It is a Harry Potter party. Anythings possible.
One last amazing gift at the after party? This delicious morsel.

Freddie Roma. He plays Hermione's boyfriend in the movie but at the after party he played the part of my boyfriend. In my mind, at least. Freddie, thank you for existing. And Page Six, thank you for letting me steal your picture. Done and done.

After many more fancy schmancy drinks, gummi worms, and the acquiring of a cater waiter's number (hey, they can't all be doctors and lawyers) I knew it was time to drag my sorry ass home. I know that I may have geeked out a bit over the party, or the celebrities or whatever, but I really don't want to become one of those jaded New Yorkers who are "too cool for school." I'm sorry, but a Movie premiere is really exciting and I'm always going to think that. Open bar? Always going to be cool. Free candy? How can you NOT geek out over that?! All in all, it was a magical night and I've got the giant to-go container of Gummi Worms to prove it.


Anonymous said...

I mean this in the best possible sense - I hate you. Well more like just UBER Jealous (yeah, I brought out the 2004 vernacular)....

That looks like the most amazing party I've ever seen and glad that someone I know attended something this spectacular...


PS Love the fact you talked to Michelle T - LOVE HER

Beachquack said...

If I've sidi it one, I'll say it again. Super Jealous.

Becky Rhead said...

Ok besides being jealous I have to know...did they have Butterbeer? If so, was it awesome!?

Amanda said...

I have to tell you that the picture of you, the couch and the glow stick is now officially one of my favorites!

Chrislynn said...

Brian, you get to have all the fun! Some day I want to go as your date. =)

Kevin Doyle said...


Forgive a Kevin Story...

I went to one red carpet, sort of. It was the last of the STAR WARS movies (whichever it was called). Carolyn and I were in London and were hanging out with the guys that had been in Actors From The London Stage the previous fall, about 7 months earlier. We were walking through London, getting a tour when we came to Liecester Square where they were dong the London premiere of the movie. One of the London actors grabbed me and Carolyn and said, 'C'mon' and we wormed our way through the crowd and up to the railing next to the red carpet. All kinds of stars were walking in when Euan MacGregor was walking by the actor (Sean Gilder, who played Bottom in MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM at USU with AFTLS) called out 'EUAN!' Euan said, 'Hi, Sean!' and Sean said, 'Meet a couple of my friends from the states.'

And that's how I met Euan MacGregor.