Friday, August 21, 2009

Am I the Only One?

Look, is it just me....

Or is Tim Gunn kinda creepy?

Now don't give me that face, just let me explain. I've never been a huge fan of the Gunn, but last night on the new season of Project Runway (which is fiiiierce btw), I was taken to a new level of creepiness with the man. This contestant

was having some kind of nervous breakdown because...I don't know, he used to be on drugs or couldn't handle the pressure, or something. So he's in the corner crying and blubbering and Tim comes over to "console" him. The problem was, he wasn't really consoling him. It was more of him sitting next to the guy and throwing out his catchphrases. "Let it go." "You can do this." "Make it work." The whole time I was just shuddering at the thought of Gunn hands on me.

They're like white leather gloves. There's Silver Fox

and then there's Tim Gunn.


Straight up CHILLIN' at work today. The majority of the office is out and so I'm taking the day to get caught up on work...and "Intervention."

I'm excited too, sweetie.

Last night it was probably a million degree's in Anthony's apartment. His AC is broken (and has been all summer, THANKS for getting it fixed while you were home, Ant!) but it really hasn't been too much of a problem. Last night, however, I couldn't get cool. I literally had to get a bowl of ice and put it in front of the fan in the hopes that it would blow some cold air on me.

If only my bowl was as fancy as that one.

Slow weekend, looking forward to chillaxing a bit and maybe seeing the boy a bit or a movie. One last thing before I go.

Bitch, who even ARE you? Kortney Kardashian, go away!


Kelly said...

Apparently Tim Gunn is also now a super hero. (a good guy?!?!) I saw it on TDSWJS.

annette said...

I love Tim Gunn. I don't want to do dirrrty things with him (like I do with Anderson Cooper), but I do want to be his friend and have him as my personal shopper.

Mindy Curtis said...


I just stumbled upon your blog while looking at blogs of others. I love it. I read you from now on. :)