Thursday, August 13, 2009

Are You KIDDING Me With This??!!

I've subscribed to Entertainment Weekly for roughly about 11 years. It's my favorite magazine and they've always been really good to me. Working for their website is a dream of mine and I usually don't have much ill will towards anything involved with the mag - it's fab. But ooooooohh EW, how do you me wrong. After witnessing the cover of the latest issue

I've decided that now they're just messing with me. I mean......ugh!!! THAT FACE!!! They know how much I hate that face and now they're doing it again! Oh yes, again. I realize that anything Twi-fright related is going to be a huge seller but f'real?

This is the magazines' 5th Twilight cover in a matter of 12 months!!! Overkill much? And...that face! Ugh, that face...
In other news, I put a yogurt in my boss' fridge yesterday and he ate it. Wah Wah. Now, who's got a banana?


Anonymous said...

We know this movie is about vampires right... How does nobody realize that.

Kelly said...

Well, at least her face if covered up a bit in that last one.