Thursday, August 20, 2009

Big Girls DO Cry!

For whatever reason, I'm watching Fox's "More to Love," which is basically a fat "Bachelor." I don't know why I started watching it, or why I'm still watching it, but it's happening. I have to accept it and let it into my life at this point. Now please keep in mind that I love all of my full figured ladies, but it is FAR too easy to not make fun of these girls. And I'm not making fun of them because they've got some junk in the trunk. I'm making fun of them because they are LAME! Now I don't know if it's just fancy editing or what, but these chicks cry. A LOT. In the course of 1 episode...

Exhibit A.







And that's nothing. In the very first episode one chick (exhibit B) cried I think every time they did an interview with her. Emotional? Sure. But get a grip lady!!!

The other thing I learned watching this show is....fat chicks done be HORNY!!!

I know on "The Bachelor" that a kiss will happen often but on this show it's like, every time the dude is alone with the girl (and sometimes in front of everyone else) the girl is like mackin' on him and trying to hit that! And for the record, if girls on "The Bachelor" cried as much as the girls on this show do, you bet your bottom dollar I'd be making fun of them here. So don't yell at me. They chose to do this show, they deserve everything they get. And so does Kristen Stewart.

Hate her face.

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